London February 2022
February 2022
Pictures from London in February 2022.
John's Pictures

Pink Sky
Tuesday 1st February 2022
The usual Tuesday evening stroll to the heath while Erika was at woodwork. Caught the tail end of the sunset, some lovely pink sky this evening, particularly on the way there.
Wednesday 2nd February 2022
The snowdrop in the garden fully blooming now.
In Search of Snowdrops
Thursday 3rd February 2022
Went on a longer than usual wander on the heath today, all the way up to Kenwood House, in search of snowdrops. Alas not quite flowering yet.
Friday 4th February 2022
Another snowdrop in the garden. Almost went for a walk to the heath but then decided I couldn't actually be bothered.
Camping Equipment
Saturday 5th February 2022
Took delivery of some more camping / outdoorsy equipment today: some gaiters, a lightweight bivvy bag, a piezo lighter and some titanium tent pegs.
Karaoke and Ramen
Sunday 6th February 2022
Afternoon / evening out with two other families we're friends with, starting with karaoke and then ramen at the new Japan Centre ramen place.
Monday 7th February 2022
Just one random photo.
Tuesday 8th February 2022
Too busy working (what a nuisance!) so didn't have the usual walk to the heath today while Erika was at woodwork.
Wednesday 9th February 2022
I was up bright and early this morning and went to our local French bakery to buy a baguette for breakfast.
Strings Concert and Sunset on the Heath
Thursday 10th February 2022
Went along to see Erika perform in a strings concert at her school in the morning. Then towards the end of the day went to the heath for a nice sunset.
Fish and Chips and Dinner on the Heath
Friday 11th February 2022
Fish and chips (well, halloumi and chips in my case) with Chie for lunch. In the evening the girls went to a party with local friends, and I decided to cook my dinner on the heath.
Saturday 12th February 2022
Erika was at a sleepover this evening. Chie and I decided to walk over to Hampstead, and went for dinner at a tapas place we used to go to when I lived there (although it is quite different now).
Rainy Sunday
Sunday 13th February 2022
Most of the day spent at home - Erika did a bit of flower arranging - and I went for a rainy/windy walk on the heath later in the afternoon.
Wednesday 16th February 2022
Another rainy day, but on the plus side first glimpses of cherry blossom.
Cafe and Burgers
Thursday 17th February 2022
It was Erika's half term holiday this week, and although I was unfortunately working throughout the week, I took a little bit of time out this morning so we could go for breakfast together at a local cafe - and it seems like we hadn't been there together for two years. In the evening Chie went out to see a friend, so Erika and I had a lazy night in with junk food burgers for dinner, and watched a movie together.
Storm Eunice
Friday 18th February 2022
We had been planning to drive down to Devon today, but alas Storm Eunice put pay to that. Stayed indoors for the worst of it, when the wind was so strong it was lifting up one of the paving slabs in the back garden. Once it had died down later on I went for a quick walk to Hampstead Heath (and avoided sitting underneath any trees) to survey the damage.
Another Search for Snowdrops
Saturday 19th February 2022
I decided to take another longer walk this morning, up to Kenwood House again, to once more try and find the snowdrops that I had heard were there. In the evening friends from round the corner came to visit, and brought their dog with them.
Sunday 20th February 2022
More local friends came to visit in the afternoon / early evening, although I only took one photo all day.
Monday 21st February 2022
Erika's friend had a birthday dinner at Nando's this evening, and we were invited along.
Wednesday 23rd February 2022
Surveyed the wild cherry blossom on the heath, then later on we decided it was time to change the Lego bonsai tree into its cherry blossom configuration.
Thursday 24th February 2022
Tim was in London for work, so after he had finished we met up for a few pints and a catch-up.
Friday 25th February 2022
Just a quick walk to Hampstead Heath at the end of the working week to catch a bit of the sunset.
Sherlock Holmes
Saturday 26th February 2022
Bec, Dave and Jessica were in London for the weekend to do some sightseeing so we met them for lunch at the Sherlock Holmes pub. After that Erika and I continued the Sherlockian theme (she is reading Hound of the Baskervilles at school at the moment) and went to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street.
Sunday 27th February 2022
Managed to persuade Erika to go out for a Sunday roast at a pub for lunch (she's never very keen), although she had a burger. In the remainder of the afternoon Erika went to a friend's birthday party and I went to the heath for a bit.