London February 2023
February 2023
Pictures from London in February 2023.
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Wednesday 1st February 2023
Rather different kind of wine for a change. Not quite my sort of thing.
Thursday 2nd February 2023
An early evening visit to the heath.
Friday 3rd February 2023
Popped to the heath for ESW and snacks to mark the end of the working week. Later on back at home the usual bean throwing customs for Setsubun.
Saturday 4th February 2023
Chie was busy today, so I spent much of the day ferrying Erika to and from various social engagements.
More Ferrying
Sunday 5th February 2023
Chie again busy today, and Erika had more social engagements she needed to be taken to and from, so my afternoon was structured around that. I did get to pop to the heath for a bit inbetween.
Spring on the Way
Tuesday 7th February 2023
Signs that spring is on the way in the garden.
More Cheap Burgundy
Wednesday 8th February 2023
Trying some more cheap Burgundy.
Finally The Heath
Thursday 9th February 2023
Finally got to the heath for the first time this week, and it was quite a nice sunset.
Seven Sisters
Wednesday 15th February 2023
Popped down to the Seven Sisters for a midweek overnighter while the girls were away in the Canary Islands.
Seven Sisters to London
Thursday 16th February 2023
Early morning start atop the Seven Sisters, then headed back to London. In the evening a quick trip to the heath for my last few hours of doing my own thing before the girls arrived back from the Canary Islands.
Friday 17th February 2023
Another trip to the heath after work.
Korean Food
Saturday 18th February 2023
Chie went out for the afternoon / evening. Erika and I couldn't decide what to do for dinner, but I eventually persuaded her to go out for at least a bit, and we went to the Korean food shop in Camden.
Science Museum
Sunday 19th February 2023
Took Erika to the Science Museum in the afternoon, and we visited the "Wonderlab" exhibit. It was quite busy, lots of kids everywhere, and predictably with modern museums they'd managed to annoyingly politicise a lot of it. To be honest my favourite bit was the milkshake at the end.
Tuesday 21st February 2023
Didn't have time to get to the heath today due to work getting in the way (ugh). Just some of the surprisingly cheap Gevrey Chambertin from Fortnum and Mason.
Old Fashioned Italian
Wednesday 22nd February 2023
Went out for dinner today at our local old fashioned Italian restaurant.
Tarp Practice
Thursday 23rd February 2023
Made up for a run of long work days earlier this week by bunking off a bit early today for an extended time on the heath.
Friday 24th February 2023
Another visit to the heath, once again sat at the base of a tree for a while, I seem to have gone off benches recently and want to hide from humanity instead.
Seven Stars
Saturday 25th February 2023
Went to the Seven Stars and met Andrew in the afternoon. Didn't take any photos when I was out but did record some video.
Sunday 26th February 2023
Our little cherry blossom tree is flowering a bit. Chie put out the hina matsuri dolls, and we also converted the Lego bonsai tree to its blossom configuration.
Monday on the Heath
Monday 27th February 2023
Unusually went for a short walk to the heath on a Monday.
Tuesday 28th February 2023
Another visit to the heath. Didn't seem to be in the mood to take many photos for a change.