Borough Pub Crawl - London January 2010

Borough Pub Crawl

Saturday 16th January 2010

An afternoon and evening spent exploring the fine pubs of Borough with Andy (and later on Chie too).

London January 2010

13:47:37 Andy in the Anchor. None of their pumps were working, so Andy decided to have a glass of champagne instead.13:53:30 ...I somewhat more modestly went for a cider. In a champagne glass.15:34:01 Late lunch at the Market Porter. Food wasn't bad here actually, albeit a bit salty.
16:52:07 Now I think this is the Southwark Tavern, but don't quote me on that.16:52:26 17:20:34 The wonderful galleried walkway on the upper floor of the George Inn.
17:20:45 Same again. Probably should have used the flash.17:22:15 ...ah here's one of me, with the flash on.19:38:39 Later on at the Royal Oak, by which point we'd also met up with Chie - a few naff mobile pictures first...
19:38:44 19:39:49 Nice etched glass there.20:06:30 This one's a bit better.
20:06:55 Had dinner here as well.20:34:04 Andy seems content with the food by the looks of things.20:34:28 ...there's some of the locals at the Royal Oak in shot too.
21:16:36 Rather nice hatch here, formerly used for off sales I'm led to believe.21:22:19 Nice old bit of masonry on a building in Borough: Japanners.21:39:58 Last pub of the evening: The Lord Clyde.
00:06:02 A strange picture Chie took, largely of the wall, back at our flat.