Reading - London January 2010


Sunday 17th January 2010

A Sunday afternoon visit to Reading, for a wander around the univeristy - the place where Chie and I first met 10 years ago today. Also took the opportunity to meet up with Rob and Kate and their little boy Felix.

London January 2010

10:57:45 On the way to Reading! Here we are in Paddington station.10:58:48 I've always been a fan of the big arched roof here.11:29:11 On the train, just outside Reading I think.
12:16:14 On the nostaglia trail now - this is one edge of the London Road campus, and it appears what used to be The Cotton Club (the bar for Gyosei College) is now a taxi company's office!12:34:55 Me on the main campus in Reading. Looks nice doesn't it?12:41:17 Chie on the campus.
12:46:16 As close as we could get to the spot where we first met (the bar the other side of this window).12:47:56 On the tables outside the student union.12:49:40 The rather nice tree behind the union.
12:56:26 Computer science! Not really sure why a picture was necessary, but still...14:12:23 In John Lewis (formerly Heelas) in the town centre now - here's Chie with Felix.14:14:09 Proud father Rob, along with Felix and Chie.
14:14:15 Same again.14:18:34 Me and Felix. Not being able to see his face gives the illusion he has happy - in actual fact he couldn't wait to be passed on to someone else.14:18:42 GET ME AWAY FROM THIS STINKING NERD!
14:53:50 Really like this picture of Rob and Felix. Something about the lighting gives it an almost divine quality.16:05:08 Was surprised to find an on-train entertainment system being trialled on the Great Western on the way back from Reading to London.