Burns Night - London January 2010

Burns Night

Friday 22nd January 2010

Pictures from the Burns Night I held at our flat, with kilt wearing, (vegetarian) haggis eating, a bit of poetry, and of course lots of whisky.

London January 2010
22:44:32 Me and Andrew in our kilts. Mine always seems to look more like a skirt somehow.22:45:19 Me and Andrew again, this time both doing what felt like an appropriate pose for a man wearing a kilt.22:46:34 A very contrived but nonetheless quite nice picture of all the attendees of tonight's Burns Night, minus Chie.
22:46:56 ...and again, a slightly failed attempt at a self timer shot.22:47:04 ....another more serious self timer failure...22:47:24 ....and there we go, third time lucky.
22:51:12 I think this was Hannah taking these slightly covert pictures of Andrew.22:51:28 22:51:36