Sunday 13th January 2019
Took Erika to the swimming pool in Finchley in the morning - it has a wave machine. After that, shock horror, lunch at McDonald's (!!!) then back home for the rest of the day.
London January 2019
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After leaving the swimming pool Erika was suddenly cold, hungry and needed the loo all at once. There was a McDonalds just a few steps away and I made an executive decision given the pressing requirements to break my long running policy of never going there.

Leverton Street in Kentish Town, the three of us on the way to the Pineapple for a late afternoon drink and a game of Uno.

Later on I had some hot sake in the garden before dinner.


Erika in her Princess castle playtent which she said she wanted to get out all of a sudden, it having been packed away for some time.