London January 2020
January 2020

John's Pictures

New Year's Day
Wednesday 1st January 2020
Had a quiet day at home and ate some Japanese food. Erika didn't get out of her pyjamas all day!
Winter Wonderland
Thursday 2nd January 2020
Took Erika to Winter Wonderland for the afternoon, then later on dinner at Oliveto.
Friday 3rd January 2020
Another quiet day at home. Opened a half bottle of Nyetimber in the evening.
Saturday 4th January 2020
Went to take part in the Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men Wassail down in Sussex (where locally they call it "apple howling").
Gomshall Mill
Sunday 5th January 2020
Went down to Gomshall for lunch at the Gomshall Mill with Adrian, Liz and the kids.
Evening Walk
Tuesday 7th January 2020
Went out for an evening walk to get some exercise.
Lunch at the Pineapple
Wednesday 8th January 2020
Went with Chie for lunch at the Pineapple.
Chateau Musar White
Thursday 9th January 2020
Had Lebanese food for dinner and tried Chateau Musar's white wine for the first time.
Friday 10th January 2020
Night out with the usual suspects, involving laksa.
Highgate Cemetery and Hampstead Heath
Saturday 11th January 2020
I went for an urban walk this morning while Erika was at her Japanese school - took in Highgate Cemetery and Hampstead Heath.
Fridge, Laksamania, Bulbs
Sunday 12th January 2020
Yet another unsuccessful attempt to buy a fridge, took Chie and Erika to try Laksamania (not so successful second time round) and went to the garden centre to buy more bulbs.
Harrow Inn Pictures
Monday 13th January 2020
Rediscovered my Harrow Inn pictures today, and thought about putting them up on the wall, but didn't.
This Isn't Bacon Etc
Tuesday 14th January 2020
Tried some new mock meats today.
Wednesday 15th January 2020
Went to the office today. In the evening attempted some astrophotography.
Garden Check
Thursday 16th January 2020
Another check on the garden at lunchtime.
Garden and Fire
Friday 17th January 2020
Clocked off work a bit early as it was a Friday and spent some time in the garden. Tried out the Biolite stove again.
Blackfriars to Bermondsey
Saturday 18th January 2020
Being a bit too time constrained to do a proper countryside walk today, I instead decided to go for an urban stroll in the morning, along the Thames from Blackfriars to Bermondsey. In the afternoon went to visit my old boss to see his new house.
The Ridgeway: Ivinghoe Beacon to Wendover
Sunday 19th January 2020
Embarked on a new walking project today - The Ridgeway - starting at Ivinghoe Beacon and hoping to walk all 87 miles over the coming few weeks to arrive at Avebury in time for the Spring Equinox.
Tuesday 21st January 2020
Couple of random pictures.
Indoor Picnic
Wednesday 22nd January 2020
Ordred Indian food for dinner (and Chie made Japanese food for Erika) which we ate sitting on the picnic blanket on the floor of the lounge.
Cider and Cakes
Thursday 23rd January 2020
Was in the mood for cider so I went to the Southampton Arms to buy a flagon of cider to take home. Erika decorated some cakes for the school cake sale.
Cash in the Pocket
Friday 24th January 2020
Put on a jacket I hadn't worn for a while, found some cash stuffed in the pocket.
Ridgeway: Wendover to Princes Risborough and Burns Night
Saturday 25th January 2020
I had originally planned to try and complete a longer section of the Ridgeway today, from Wendover to Watlington (or at least Lewknor, where there are some public transport options) but wasn't really feeling it with the slightly glum weather and cut short at Princes Risborough. Back at home in the evening we had a mini Burns Night, just the three of us.
Lazy Sunday
Sunday 26th January 2020
I think we stayed in most of the day. Erika and I built her a little house from cushions in the lounge.
Garden Check
Monday 27th January 2020
Another check on the state of the garden.
Daws Hill and the Moon and Venus
Tuesday 28th January 2020
Tried the Daws Hill English sparkling wine which I'd picked up in Princes Risborough. Also attempted unsuccessfully to take pictures of the moon while Venus was quite visible nearby.
East Meon and the Moon and Venus Again
Wednesday 29th January 2020
A case of East Meon Berrygarden English sparkling arrived today. In the evening more unsuccessful attempts to take photos of the night sky as the moon and Venus were visible, including in my desperation to get away from the light pollution and obstacles a night time stroll across Hampstead Heath, which was a bit scary if I'm honest.
Bingo and Ski Helmets
Thursday 30th January 2020
A couple of pictures of Erika's school bingo night, and later on Chie trying on her new ski helmet.
East Meon Berrygarden 2013
Friday 31st January 2020
Tried one of the East Meon Berrygarden wines this evening. A bit of a false start I think.