London January 2023
January 2023
Pictures from London at the start of 2023.
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New Year's Day
Sunday 1st January 2023
A rather gloomy late afternoon / early evening wallow on the heath to start the new year.
Wednesday 4th January 2023
Got a new external hard drive to back up all the videos from my GoPro, and spent some time writing a script to do the backup and sort them into folders.
Gallette des Rois
Thursday 5th January 2023
Early evening visit to the heath. Later on in the evening we had another gallette des rois, and I got the "feve" (charm?) so wore the corresponding crown. Although it looked much better on Erika of course.
Friday 6th January 2023
Wassailed the apple tree this evening.
Saturday 7th January 2023
Popped to Argos in the morning. Later on towards the end of the afternoon went to the heath for a bit.
Sunday 8th January 2023
We haven't been to Wahaca since the one in Kentish Town closed, and Erika wanted to have their churros again. So for lunch we headed to the original one in Covent Garden. Afterwards the girls went to do some shopping and I headed to the heath.
Cooking with Gin
Tuesday 10th January 2023
Did an experiment to see if I could boil water using gin as fuel. It sort of worked.
Wednesday 11th January 2023
Just a picture of today's wine.
Thursday 12th January 2023
Old work friend Gemma was briefly in town (she currently lives in the US), so we rounded up some of the usual suspects for a night out.
Friday 13th January 2023
Friday evening on the heath. Quite a nice sunset.
Saturday 14th January 2023
First snowdrop of the year in the back garden.
Sunday 15th January 2023
I went to the Theatre this evening, to see a one-off play about Norman Balon, the former landlord of the Coach and Horses in Soho - kind of a follow on to Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell. To be honest the play wasn't that great, but I managed to get a box and that was nice.
Tuesday 17th January 2023
Just a picture of today's wine.
Wednesday 18th January 2023
Some camping things arrived, for my upcoming camping trip.
Thursday 19th January 2023
Popped out mid morning to buy a haggis for my upcoming camping trip. Just one random picture of some bags of popcorn outside a cinema.
Tuesday 24th January 2023
A quick visit to Hampstead Heath in the post sunset gloom.
Thursday 26th January 2023
Another early evening trudge around the heath.
Friday 27th January 2023
End of the week fizz on the heath. Unfortunately it was Champagne, not English Sparkling.
Goring, Streatley and the Bell Inn at Aldworth
Saturday 28th January 2023
Decided to go for a daytime stroll today, out in the Berkshire countryside, to revisit some old haunts - Goring and Streatley, then the beautiful Bell Inn at Aldworth.
Kenwood and a Surprisingly nice Sunset
Sunday 29th January 2023
A much longer than usual perambulation on the heath this afternoon, including a foray up to Kenwood House to try and find some snowdrops, and a surprisingly nice sunset seen from atop Parliament Hill.
Tuesday 31st January 2023
Just the usual quick visit to the heath while Erika was at her woodwork class.