London July 2013
July 2013
Pictures from London in an actually summery July 2013.
John's Pictures

Monday 1st July 2013
Assorted pictures of Erika on a Monday.
Wednesday 3rd July 2013
Oddly just took some pictures of my Hyatt Platinum card which arrived today.
Thursday 4th July 2013
Erika came to my office for lunch, and had raspberries in the evening.
Goodby George, Hello Ai-san
Friday 5th July 2013
Leaving drinks for George, and then in the evening Ai-san arrived from Japan, and we had fish and chips in the garden.
Grandma Visiting
Saturday 6th July 2013
Mum (Grandma) came to visit today.
Wimbledon Men's Final
Sunday 7th July 2013
Took Erika to Al's house today to watch the historic Wimbledon's Men Final were Andy Murray won.
Monday 8th July 2013
Just one picture of Erika playing with Ai-san's phone.
Tuesday 9th July 2013
Had dinner at the Coal Hole in the evening with Ai-san and Frank.
Wednesday 10th July 2013
Goodbye lunch for Ai-san at Polpo.
New Shirt
Thursday 11th July 2013
I'd picked up one of the two Turnbull and Asser Shirts I'd had made yesterday, and tried it on this evening.
Chap Olympiad
Saturday 13th July 2013
My third time at the Chap Olympiad, and Erika's first!
Panda Kopanda
Sunday 14th July 2013
Watched Panda Kopanda with Erika in the evening.
Erika's Play Pen
Monday 15th July 2013
Set up Erika's new playpen today, given that she's crawling now, and it isn't safe to leave her in the room by herself even for a minute!
Warwick Square
Tuesday 16th July 2013
Met up with some of the other NCT Mums and Dads in Warwick Square Gardens in the evening.
Birling Gap
Wednesday 17th July 2013
Took the day off today to take Erika to the seaside - Birling Gap near Eastbourne.
Thursday 18th July 2013
Just one picture of mine and Kyle's coffees at work.
Erika and the Dyson
Friday 19th July 2013
Just a couple of pictures of Erika and our vaccuum cleaner.
Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Blowing bubbles out in the garden.
Wednesday 24th July 2013
Made a sort of aviation involving Parfait Amour.
Lunch with Erika
Thursday 25th July 2013
Erika came to my office for lunch.
Friday 26th July 2013
Too much Champagne in the evening.
Saturday 27th July 2013
Went down to Canterbury to visit Leon, Yukari and the kids.
Sunday 28th July 2013
Picnic in St. James's Park followed by a visit to the Royal Academy to see the Richard Rogers and summer exhibitions.
Erika in the Kitchen
Tuesday 30th July 2013
A couple of pictures of Erika in the kitchen.
Wednesday 31st July 2013
Erika came to work with me for a while in the morning, and had her first babycino!