London July 2015
July 2015
Pictures from London in July 2015.
John's Pictures

Wednesday 1st July 2015
Went to the zoo with Erika in the morning.
Friday 3rd July 2015
Took the day off and took Erika to the beach at Folkestone.
Sunday 5th July 2015
Some pictures of the garden.
Wednesday 8th July 2015
Just one rather random blurry picture taken by Erika of me getting ready in the morning.
Thursday 9th July 2015
Erika eating a Madeleine I'd brought back from St. John the night before.
Sore Throat
Friday 10th July 2015
Had a sore throat today, so tried some new menthol sweets.
Saturday 11th July 2015
Grandma Mary came to visit today, quick bit of shopping in Camden in the morning followed by lunch at Ceviche.
Sunday 12th July 2015
I spent most of the day waiting for a delivery of IKEA cupboards, then assembling them.
Tuesday 14th July 2015
Bento for lunch at work.
Acton and Ealing
Saturday 18th July 2015
Went to a Japanese Festival in Acton followed by a quick visit to a fun fair on Ealing Common, then pizza at Santa Maria.
Cupboard and Hedge Trimmer
Sunday 19th July 2015
Quite a domestic sort of a day, arranged my suits and shirts in one of our new cupboards, and went to Homebase later to buy a hedge trimmer
Tuesday 21st July 2015
Went to Franks in the evening.
Wednesday 22nd July 2015
Bought Erika a new Kenzo dress from Liberty.
Thursday 23rd July 2015
Made tapas for dinner.
Sunday 26th July 2015
Erika got an Anpanman trampoline and spent much of today bouncing on it.
Jiijii Baabaa
Tuesday 28th July 2015
Chie's Mum and Dad (Jiijii Baabaa to Erika) arrived from Japan today.
Dinner with Al's Parents
Thursday 30th July 2015
Went for down to Wimbledon for dinner to meet Al's parents, ahead of Al and Charlotte's wedding.