London July 2016
July 2016
Pictures from London in July 2016.
John's Pictures

Two Picnics
Saturday 2nd July 2016
Went to Camden Coffee Shop in the morning, and in the afternoon attended not one but two picnics.
Sunday 3rd July 2016
Erika made chocolate lollipops in the morning. Spent a bit of time in the garden, and had lunch at Wahaca.
Tuesday 5th July 2016
A former colleague Ben, who had moved back to the US a few years ago, made a surprise re-appearance in London this week. Drinks and dinner ensued.
Erika's Graduation
Thursday 7th July 2016
Erika's Nursery had a graduation ceremony today.
King's Cross
Friday 8th July 2016
Went to see the office in King's Cross I'll be moving to later this year.
Hornets and Mandilli di Seta
Saturday 9th July 2016
Went to Hornets in Kensington to buy a vintage tailcoat for the Chap Olympiad in the morning. In the evening I was absolutely determined to try and recreate something like the excellent mandilli di seta we'd had in Genoa two years ago, so made my own.
Hyde Park
Sunday 10th July 2016
Took Erika to play with a friend at the Diana Memorial playground in Hyde Park.
Chie and Erika at My Office
Monday 11th July 2016
Chie and Erika came to my office for lunch.
Tuesday 12th July 2016
Out with the usual suspects in Belgravia including a Sardinian take on a Negroni at Joe's Bar.
Morning Suit Version Two
Thursday 14th July 2016
Bought a waistcoast from Favourbrook in the Piccadilly Arcade to complete my slightly more vintage looking morning dress enemble which I was planning to wear to the Chap Olympiad.
Vegetarian Fish and Chips
Friday 15th July 2016
Went to a Taylor Walker pub near the office for vegetarian fish and chips, which I'd been craving for a while.
Chap Olympiad
Saturday 16th July 2016
Attended this year's Chap Olympiad in morning dress, and had a marvellous time of it.
Sunday 17th July 2016
Me and Erika went to the zoo, and for a change we brought along Mummy as well.
King's Cross Office Again
Tuesday 19th July 2016
I decided to work from the new King's Cross office in the daytime, and then took Al back there later in the evening after an initial pint at the Pineapple in Kentish Town for Negronis on the roof terrace.
Last Day of Term
Thursday 21st July 2016
My last day at work before our holiday in Cornwall. Took it rather easy having worked a couple of late evenings earlier in the week - lunch at the new pizza place in Belgravia, then left a bit early for a quick drink at my club before going home.
Sunday 31st July 2016
Two new brushes.