Last Day of Term
Thursday 21st July 2016
My last day at work before our holiday in Cornwall. Took it rather easy having worked a couple of late evenings earlier in the week - lunch at the new pizza place in Belgravia, then left a bit early for a quick drink at my club before going home.
London July 2016
John's Pictures

Not normally into cars but was rather taken with this Daimler on the streets of Belgravia.

Me at lunch, I felt my outfit today was fittingly Italian (alas you can't see the white trousers here).

Another uncharacteristic picture of a car, this time a Rolls Royce on the streets of St. James's.

Me at my club.

Rather washed out picture of the garden at my club as seen from the balcony.

Also made a brief visit to the Pineapple.