London July 2019
July 2019
Pictures from London in July 2019.
John's Pictures

Garden Check
Monday 1st July 2019
Current state of the garden.
Sports Day
Tuesday 2nd July 2019
Erika's school sports day.
Champagne For a Change
Wednesday 3rd July 2019
Champagne rather than ESW for a change.
Thursday 4th July 2019
Nice weather so had a barbecue this evening.
George Inn
Friday 5th July 2019
Early evening drinks at the George Inn.
Japanese School Sports Day and Summer Fair
Saturday 6th July 2019
Busy day, with Erika's Japanese school's sports day in the morning followed by her regular school's summer fair in the afternoon.

Sunday 7th July 2019
Monday 8th July 2019
Went out for breakfast with Erika before school, and got the result from my vinegrowing course today.
Ethiopian Food
Tuesday 9th July 2019
Erika had a late playdate so Chie and I went out for an early dinner at one of the nearby Ethiopian restaurants (yes there are several!).
Temple of Seitan
Wednesday 10th July 2019
Went to Temple of Seitan for lunch.
Heron Farm
Thursday 11th July 2019
Tried the sparkling wine from Heron Farm this evening, the vineyard owned by one of my fellow students from the viticulture course.
Primrose Hill
Friday 12th July 2019
Drinks on Primrose Hill because Gemma was back in town for a while.
Saturday 13th July 2019
Hat shopping in the morning in St. James's then spent the afternoon with Erika in and around home.
Chap Flaneur Walk
Sunday 14th July 2019
Joined the Flaneur Walk through St. James's and Soho organised by the Chap Magazine.
Dinner with Kyle and Al
Monday 15th July 2019
Out for dinner with Kyle and Al in Fitzrovia.
Vine Leaves
Tuesday 16th July 2019
Inspected some of the leaves from the vines in my back garden.
Wednesday 17th July 2019
Just one picture, of the lavender.
Thursday 18th July 2019
Some Davenport Limney Estate in the garden.
Last Day of Term
Friday 19th July 2019
Erika's last day of term, school finished early so I took the afternoon off work and took Erika to the cinema to see Secret Life of Pets 2.
Henfield to Steyning
Saturday 20th July 2019
I decided today to walk part of the route of Hilaire Belloc's The Four Men, from Henfield to Steyning.
Hitchin Lavender
Sunday 21st July 2019
Went to visit Hitchin Lavender for the afternoon.
Din Tai Fung
Monday 22nd July 2019
Went for dinner at Din Tai Fung, the new Taiwanese dumping restaurant in London.
Tuesday 23rd July 2019
A few random pictures.
Welsh Sparkling Wine Tasting
Wednesday 24th July 2019
Held a Welsh sparkling wine tasting at the London Welsh Centre this evening.
Internet Troubles
Thursday 25th July 2019
Broadband still very unreliable. Took a picture of the "cabinet" out in the street as I had a theory it was overheating.
Friday 26th July 2019
Picture from the terrace at the office.