Camping Preparation
Sunday 12th July 2020
The girls flew off to Japan today, and I did some preparation for my camping trip.
London July 2020
John's Pictures

I went for a walk on Hampstead Heath in the afternoon after the girls headed off to the airport. I had intended to find a nice spot and sit for a while, perhaps have some cider, but somehow when I got there it seemed too busy and I wasn't in the mood. So I just walked around for a bit then went home.

My very compact bug net.

Practicing making a simple tarp shelter, suspended using a single trekking pole.

22:43:21 adding my poncho as a groundsheet, and my sleeping pad to test out the dimensions.

...and there's the bug net as well. You may well ask why I didn't just buy a tent! Well, the main issue is weight - and both the poncho and trekking pole are dual purpose.