Friday 9th July 2021
Bumped into Jeremy this afternoon, whi I hadn't seen for a while, and we arranged to go for a late evening drink on the heath which turned out to be rather delightful.
London July 2021
John's Pictures

On the way to the heath, nice sky this evening.

On arrival on the heath, the usual photo of the bandstand.

Zoomed in a bit for a bit more detail of the London skyline.

Not sure why I took this photo of myself while I was waiting to meet Jeremy, possibly I was hoping to get a bit of the sunset in the background, but I think it ended up not being very visible here.

Slightly better shots of the sunset, or at least what was visible of it from this bit of the heath.


After meeting Jeremy and finally choosing a spot to sit we kicked off with some East Meon 2015, which was particularly lovely this evening.

A bit of pink sky visible from here as well, which was nice.

Attempt to get me and Jeremy and some of the pink sky - albeit that Jeremy ended up a bit blurry.

More pink sky.

It was a lovely warm evening - even after it got dark - and we stayed on the heath until surprisingly late. Not actually sure what I was trying to get a photo of here but anyway as you can see it was dark.