London July 2022
July 2022
Pictures from London in July 2022.
John's Pictures

After the Camping Trip
Friday 1st July 2022
Picked Erika up from school at lunchtime today after she returned from her camping trip. Went for a quick lunch at the Pineapple with her friend, then after that back home so Erika could have a nap on the sofa. Later on, I went for another late walk to the heath to catch the tail end of the sunset.
School Fair and More Heath
Saturday 2nd July 2022
Erika's school had its summer fair this afternoon, and I went to help out for a bit on one of the stalls. In the evening, Erika had a sleepover to go to (although she decided in advance she would leave at bedtime and come home so she could get a proper night's sleep) so I had another late evening stroll to the heath.
Street Fair
Sunday 3rd July 2022
Went to a street fair in Kentish Town in the afternoon.
Sports Day
Tuesday 5th July 2022
Erika's sports day in the morning, an earlier than usual trip to the heath in the afternoon, then later on, it being the night before bin day, I attempted to actually enjoy the front garden for a bit.
Jeremy's Studio
Wednesday 6th July 2022
I was invited over to Jeremy's studio for the evening, to see the very nearly finished version of the family portrait he'd been working on for us.
East Meon
Thursday 7th July 2022
Another warm day, took some East Meon to the heath and sat in the cool shade of the woods.
Fruit Flies
Friday 8th July 2022
The back garden was having a bit of an infestation of fruit flies, making it hard to sit out and enjoy a glass of wine without them constantly trying to drown themselves in it.
Evening on the Heath
Saturday 9th July 2022
Went for a late-ish Saturday evening stroll to the heath.
Rubik's Cube
Sunday 10th July 2022
I've never solved a Rubik's Cube in my life, and had never really seriousl tried, but today wiyth the helo of some online tutorials I decided to finally put my mind to it.
Tuesday 12th July 2022
Unusually managed to persuade Erika to eat out for dinner after her woodworking class.
In the Front Garden
Wednesday 13th July 2022
Impromptu drinks in the front garden with local friends.
Thursday 14th July 2022
Quick post dinner visit to the heath.
Friday 15th July 2022
Case of Burgundy arrived in the daytime. Later on a late evening walk to Hampstead Heath.
Saturday 16th July 2022
Erika made some fruit smoothies for us - they were very nice.
Christian's Party
Sunday 17th July 2022
Went to Christian's house for a combined birthday party (both his and his daughter's).
Monday 18th July 2022
Day one of the two day peak of the heat wave - I measured 40 degrees in the shade in the garden.
Hot Again
Tuesday 19th July 2022
Day two of the peak of the heatwave.
Wednesday 20th July 2022
Took delivery of our family portrait this evening.
Tuesday 26th July 2022
Some GevCham in the garden.
Erika's Lunch and Korean Dinner
Wednesday 27th July 2022
I worked today, but with Erika now off school for the summer she made lunch for us. Later on I went for a stroll to the heath, the girls came and joined me for a bit, then we went to a local Korean restaurant for dinner.
Thursday 28th July 2022
Yet another early evening visit to the heath.
Everflhyt and Andrew on the Heath
Friday 29th July 2022
Tried a new ESW producer today, who had just released their first wines, and I had happened to walk past the vineyard a few years back so I was keen to see how it had turned out. Andrew also came and met me on the heath.
London Zoo
Saturday 30th July 2022
As Chie and Erika would imminently be leaving for Japan for the summer, Erika and I decided to do something fun together today so we went to the zoo. I don't think we'd been together since December 2018, but there was a time when we'd go on a pretty much weekly basis.
Sunday 31st July 2022
Quiet day at home spending time with the girls ahead of their trip to Japan.