London July 2023
July 2023
Pictures from London in July 2023.
John's Pictures

Lucy and Martin and Pulp Concert
Saturday 1st July 2023
Lucy and Martin were in London for the Pulp concert in Finsbury Park which, as it happens, we were also going to.
Sunday with Martin and Lucy
Sunday 2nd July 2023
Erika went off to a birthday party in the daytime (a very busy weekend of socialising for her!), and as Martin and Lucy were still in London we went out for lunch with them.
Monday 3rd July 2023
I took delivery of a Raspberry Pi computer in the daytime, and in the evening Erika baked Pikachu cookies.
Old Timers
Tuesday 4th July 2023
In the evening met up with some old timers from work for dinner and cocktails.
Wednesday 5th July 2023
I actually went to the office today, as a colleague was visiting from the US.
Inns of Court
Thursday 6th July 2023
Took the afternoon off work and went for a wander around Fleet Street and the Inns of Court to make a video.
ESW and Chips
Friday 7th July 2023
Chips and English sparkling for dinner. Later on I went for a stroll to the heath.
Saturday 8th July 2023
Rainy Saturday, mostly stayed close to home.
Sunday 9th July 2023
Off to the heath for a bit. Nice sunset in the evening.
Sports Day and Morris Dancing
Tuesday 11th July 2023
Erika’s sports day in the morning. Ate out at our local Italian restaurant for dinner. In the evening Morris Dancing outside the Pineapple.
Twice to the Heath
Wednesday 12th July 2023
It seems I went to the heath twice today, although I can’t quite remember why.
Exton Park
Thursday 13th July 2023
Took delivery of some Exton Park today.
Friday 14th July 2023
Took delivery of some Breaky Bottom. After work went and sat on the heath under a tarp in the rain.
Keymer Down
Saturday 15th July 2023
Webt down to the South Downs in the daytime to cook lunch on Keymer Down.
Medway Megaliths
Sunday 16th July 2023
Got the train down to Kent to explore Kit’s Coty and some of the other Medway Megaliths.
Pizza and ESW on the heath
Wednesday 19th July 2023
Had dinner on the heath.
Thursday 20th July 2023
Seems I took a stroll through Dartmouth Park, then to the heath.
Risotto on the Heath
Friday 21st July 2023
Spent the evening with Jeremy on the heath, cooked a porcini risotto and drank some wine.
Surrey Hills
Saturday 22nd July 2023
Failed attempt at a wild camp in the Surrey Hills, and also passed through Denbies vineyard.
Sunday 23rd July 2023
Stayed fairly close to home.
Chinese Food
Monday 24th July 2023
Chinese food as usual on a Monday. Cooekd some of it out in the garden on my campstove.
Gusbourne and Geese
Tuesday 25th July 2023
Actually quite a momentous day - I told my boss I was considering quitting, and was going to take a week off to think about it. To help clear my head I went and sat down at Bankside, with a bottle of Gusbourne’s Pinot Noir, and eventually there met Andew and an eccentric guy who wander around London feeding the geese, who it turned out had originally also worked for big Silicon Valley tech companies. Quite a surreal evening.
Wednesday 26th July 2023
First day of my week off work while I decided my future. Lunch at the Pineapple, then did a tour of Southwark pubs for a video. Then in the evening pizza with local friends.
Day Out with Erika
Thursday 27th July 2023
Second day of my week off deciding whether to quit my job. Chie went out for the day and Erika and I had a nice day out together: a mix of book shops, dim sum and mocktails.