London June 2011
June 2011
London in June 2011.
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Burrito in St. James's Park
Wednesday 1st June 2011
Met up with Chie for lunch today, as she was off work all week to study for her exam.
Lunch at Regency Cafe
Friday 3rd June 2011
Met up with Chie for lunch again, this time at the Regency Cafe.
East London
Saturday 4th June 2011
I went for a stroll along the Thames from East London back into the centre, while Chie was doing her exam.
Wednesday 8th June 2011
Lots of chairs.
Jamie's Italian
Saturday 11th June 2011
Lunch at Jamie's Italian.
Day out with Shoko-chan
Sunday 12th June 2011
Rainy day out in London with Chie's friend Shoko-chan, who was visiting from Japan.
Saturday 18th June 2011
The now traditional day trip to Brighton to buy new vegetarian shoes.
Sunday 19th June 2011
Messy Hair
Tuesday 21st June 2011
I need a haircut.
St. Martin's
Thursday 23rd June 2011
Taken from the bus on the way back home after dinner at Vita Organic in Soho.
First Fitting
Saturday 25th June 2011
Went for the first fitting of the suit I'm having made today. Also a late lunch at the Goat Tavern in Mayfair, some shopping (bought a pair of Victorian cufflinks) and tapas for dinner at Goya.
Victoria Tower Gardens
Sunday 26th June 2011
Late afternoon stroll to Victoria Tower Gardens.
Churchill Arms and Windsor Castle
Monday 27th June 2011
Mini pub crawl in Kensington.
Goodbye drinks with Gav
Tuesday 28th June 2011
Dinner at Abeno then drinks at Holborn's finest to bid farewell to Gav, who was moving to California.