London June 2014
June 2014
Pictures from London in June 2014.
John's Pictures

In The Night Garden Live
Sunday 1st June 2014
Took Erika to see In The Night Garden Live at the O2.
Just Me and Erika
Monday 2nd June 2014
Just a couple of pictures of me and Erika while Chie was away in Berlin.
Maverick Pizza
Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Went to try the new pizza place on Buckinham Palace Road for lunch. In the evening Erika played with a pirate eye patch.
White Asparagus
Wednesday 4th June 2014
Made a risotto with the white asparagus Chie brought back from Berlin.
Duke of Wellington
Thursday 5th June 2014
Went to the Duke of Wellington in the evening.
Sushi in the Garden
Friday 6th June 2014
Sushi in the garden for dinner.
Pesto, Twineham Grange and Gavi
Saturday 7th June 2014
Very nice lunch today of pasta with pesto, Twineham Grange, and Cortese di Gavi wine. Other than that really didn't do very much!
Picnic in Hyde Park
Sunday 8th June 2014
Went for a picnic in Hyde Park in the afternoon.
Monday 9th June 2014
A couple of random pictures on a Monday evening.
Erika in the Gardens
Tuesday 10th June 2014
A few pictures of Erika in the gardens in the evening.
Elizabeth Street Party
Wednesday 11th June 2014
A bit of shopping in St. James's at lunchtime, and then the Elizabeth Street Party in the evening.
Thursday 12th June 2014
A few random pictures.
Day Before the Holiday
Friday 13th June 2014
The day before our holiday in Italy. Stopped off at Chimes on the way home from work for a quick drink.
Friday 27th June 2014
Chie and Erika came to my office for lunch, and in the evening we had dinner at Caraffini.
Paddington with Andy and Ribollita
Saturday 28th June 2014
Small pub crawl with Andy in the vicinity of Paddington station in the afternoon, then in the evening made ribollita.
Thameside Drinks and Christmas Pudding
Sunday 29th June 2014
Lunchtime drinks at a couple of Thameside venues - the Morpeth Arms and the Tamesis Dock - followed by Christmas Pudding after dinner in the evening!