London June 2017
June 2017
Pictures from London in June 2017.
John's Pictures

Park Chinois
Thursday 1st June 2017
Dinner at Park Chinois wth some friends from work.
Off to Japan
Friday 2nd June 2017
An Unexpected and Very Short Visit to St. Albans
Wednesday 14th June 2017
Accidentally got on the wrong train on the way back from the office.
Lunch at Oliveto
Thursday 15th June 2017
Went to the dentist. Which meant lunch at Oliveto.
Tatami and the Wrong Rabbit
Friday 16th June 2017
Tried the new tatami mat out in the lounge. Also after much effort trying to get Erika's lost rabbit returned, I received the wrong one in the post.
Saturday 17th June 2017
Took Erika to Margate for the day, spent most of the time at Dreamland, the retro theme park.
Board Games
Sunday 18th June 2017
A few pictures of me and Erika in the Pineapple playing board games.
Andy's Greek Taverna
Tuesday 20th June 2017
Hot weather so we wanted some appropriate food. Dinner at Andy's in Camden, a bit of a local institution.
Royal Ascot
Wednesday 21st June 2017
Second time in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot.
Thursday 22nd June 2017
First time to try Jackfruit, a novel meat substitute.
Elephant, Frank's, Ralph's Birthday
Saturday 24th June 2017
Attended Ralph's birthday party in North Dulwich with stop offs at the Elephant and Castle and Frank's in Peckham on the way.
Sunday 25th June 2017
Went to visit Ali in Welwyn Garden City.
The Constitution
Monday 26th June 2017
Monday evening drinks at the Constitution by the canal with some of the usual suspects.
Thursday 29th June 2017
Two lunch boxes from Kerb: Gyoza from the Gyoza guys and a Vietnamese noodle bowl. Also a picture of Erika and her friend who came round for a playdate.
Friday 30th June 2017
Found the "sketches" which were meant to be the inspiration for the painting my friends commisssioned for my birthday... which are much nicer than the end result. Also end of the week drinks by the canal.