Recycling Centre
Sunday 24th June 2018
Finally got round to hiring a car to take our hedge trimmings to the local recycling centre - Erika came along for the ride and it made for a bizarre but surprisingly nice father-daughter moment. Afterwards a quick lunch at the Pineapple, then we headed down to near Clapham Junction for a barbecue at Chie's friend's house, before I finally rounded off the day with a quick visit to Frank's in Peckham.
London June 2018
John's Pictures

Erika at the recycling centre with some of our big green bags of hedge trimmings.

Erika in the Pineapple, where we went for lunch to reward ourselves for our hard work this morning!

Erika loves these honey roasted peanuts.

Erika watching a bit of the football.

Erika and the pub cat, Spongebob.


Later on, this is the only picture I took at Chie's friend's house near Clapham Junction.