London June 2020
June 2020
Pictures from London in June 2020.
John's Pictures

Monday 1st June 2020
Met up with one of Erika's friends for an outdoor socially distanced playdate in the late afternoon / early evening.
Lego Friends Bus
Tuesday 2nd June 2020
I'd ordered a Lego Friends Bus for Erika, which helped to keep her entertained today between school work. Also the usual checks on the state of things in the garden later on - the orange tree was blooming.
Lunch in the Garden
Wednesday 3rd June 2020
To help break up the day a bit Erika and I cooked lunch on my little camp stove and ate it out in the garden.
Breaky Bottom 2015 Vintages
Friday 5th June 2020
Received a case of the newly released 2015 vintages from Breaky Bottom today, which I tried this evening.
Olivogelo and Hampstead Heath in a Storm
Saturday 6th June 2020
I hired a Zipcar again today, but then dithered over where to go, and ultimately ended up just driving across London to get some gelato for Olivogelo. After coming back home and dropping off the car, I went for a walk to Hampstead Heath, and got caught in a torrential downpour.
Cider on the Heath
Sunday 7th June 2020
Returned to the heath for a while this afternoon - thankfully no thunderstorm this time - and sat for a while drinking cider by the Bronze Age barrow, having some much needed time by myself.
Monday 8th June 2020
Ordered a Chinese takeaway this evening. The portion sizes were rather underwhelming.
Negronis on Primrose Hill with Ricardo
Tuesday 9th June 2020
Met up with Ricardo - who I hadn't seen since March - for socially distanced Negronis on Primrose Hill.
Friday 12th June 2020
Some more Black Dog Hill to mark another working week over.
The Pineapple
Saturday 13th June 2020
The Pineapple briefly reopened for takeaway, although, alas, thanks to unsupportive neighbours this turned out to be a one weekend only thing. Also cooked both main meals today out in the garden - a sort of pasta e fagioli for lunch, then a barbecue for dinner.
Pineapple Again
Sunday 14th June 2020
Went back to the Pineapple for another takeaway pint, albeit that they were serving through the door this time, and nobody was lingering outside.
Erika's Pizzeria
Monday 15th June 2020
Erika made dinner this evening! She assembled a couple of pizzas for us, and very nice they were too.
Evening Stroll to Hampstead Heath
Tuesday 16th June 2020
I went for an evening stroll to Hampstead Heath, to catch a bit of the sunset, in the run-up to the summer solstice.
Wednesday 17th June 2020
More of the same really.
Thursday 18th June 2020
Received a delivery of a tarp today and tried it out - first in the lounge, then later on in the garden in the rain. Also another pre-solstice walk to Hampstead Heath.
Basmati in a Billy Can
Friday 19th June 2020
Used one of my camping cooking pots (I'm not sure this is technically a billy can, but close enough) to cook basmati rice. It was actually a perfect size for the amount of rice we normally cook for the three of us and it came out rather perfectly.
Coldrum Long Barrow
Saturday 20th June 2020
Went to Coldrum Long Barrow in Kent for the summer solstice.
Arty Sunday
Sunday 21st June 2020
Had an arty/crafty day at home with Erika. Made a snow globe, some stress balls, Erika helped to make dinner, and I did a lot of cleaning after all the arty/crafy activities.
Back to school
Monday 22nd June 2020
Erika was delighted to be going back to school today.
Tarp Shelter
Tuesday 23rd June 2020
Set up a tarp shelter in the garden as it was a rather sunny day.
Vineyards of Hampshire and Pizza
Wednesday 24th June 2020
Received a mixed case from the vineyards of Hampshire association today. Pizza for dinner, then later on an evening stroll to see a local cocktail bar's takeaway offering.
Erika's Bread
Thursday 25th June 2020
Erika made bread at school today.
Picnic on the Heath
Friday 26th June 2020
Had a picnic on Hampstead Heath for dinner with local friends.
Dressing Up and Front Garden Wine Bar
Saturday 27th June 2020
Erika wanted to play dressing up for a bit in the daytime, and we did a mini fashion show in the back garden. Later on, Erika was oddly determined to clean the window sills at the front of the house, so we did that together, then we set up a little wine bar there in the evening.
Rainy Heath
Sunday 28th June 2020
I went for an afternoon stroll to Hampstead Heath. It rained again.