London June 2021
June 2021
Pictures from London in June 2021.
John's Pictures

Lunch at the Pineapple
Wednesday 2nd June 2021
Chie and I went for lunch at the Pineapple. In the evening a quick walk to the heath.
Picnic on the Heath
Thursday 3rd June 2021
Had a picnic on the heath for dinner with local friends.
Friday Evening on the Heath
Friday 4th June 2021
The girls were out for the evening until late, so I was left to my own devices. I decided to go and have dinner on the heath, despite the slightly inclement weather, and had a thoroughly lovely time of it.
Mum's Garden
Saturday 5th June 2021
I walked to Brent Cross in the morning, to meet Chie and Erika as Erika finished her Japanese school a little after midday. From there we motored up the M1 to the East Midlands to visit Mum again, and spent another very pleasant afternoon / early evening out in her garden.
Sunday 6th June 2021
Fairly quiet day mostly at home, I went for a walk to the heath in the afternoon.
Dim sum
Monday 7th June 2021
Erika had another day off school today (a teacher training day after the half term holiday) so the girls went into the centre to do some shopping, and I joined them for a little while for lunch. We finally got back to our old favourite - dim sum at Joy King Lau - after a very long absence. It was just as good as always.
Tuesday 8th June 2021
Short late afternoon / early evening walk to the heath.
In The Woods
Wednesday 9th June 2021
After work I went and sat in a wooded bit on the heath (it was actually a bit too hot out of the shade!).
Thursday 10th June 2021
Attempted to get some photos of the partial solar eclipse this morning, a bit challenging given the cloudy weather but I just about managed to get a glimpse of it.
Friday 11th June 2021
Went for a drink at the Pineapple after work.
Potato Salad
Saturday 12th June 2021
Erika made potato salad for dinner.
Sunday afternoon on the heath
Sunday 13th June 2021
Met Andrew for a very sunny afternoon on the heath.
Monday 14th June 2021
Erika had the day off school (a teacher training day) we thought we'd take advantage of that opportunity and take her to Legoland, thinking it would be quiet with other kids being at school. How wrong we were.
Summer Rain
Wednesday 16th June 2021
Went for a later than usual outing to the heath, followed by later on a drink outside the Pineapple in the warm summer rain.
Thursday 17th June 2021
Rained a lot today, and felt decidedly less summery than it had the day before. Just a couple of photos of checking the state of things in the garden.
Friday 18th June 2021
Quite a winey sort of day - took delivery of a crate (yes an actual wooden crate!) of Chateaue Lafaurie-Peyraguey 2001, my favourite dessert wine, conveniently in half bottles. Also a mixed case of Chateau Musar, of 6 different vintages from 1998 to 2019 arrived. In the evening took some 2018 Louis Boillot Gevrey Chambertin to the heath to try (it was surprisingly drinkable already) and then back at home had some Lafaurie Peyraguey, with strawberries of course.
Saturday 19th June 2021
Erika drew a picture of the Blue Peter dog in the afternoon in the hope of earning a Blue Peter badge. Later on I went for a walk to the heath and saw a fox on the way home.
Eve of the Summer Solstice
Sunday 20th June 2021
Met up with Andrew for lunch at Noura in Belgravia (it made sense at the time, honestly) and then drove from there to Avebury, where we spent the remainder of the day watching the sunset (which we couldn't really see at any point) on the eve of the summer solstice.
Summer Solstice
Monday 21st June 2021
I think today was the actual summer solstice, but initial ambitious plans to wake up at dawn and go and watch the sunrise didn't materialise, in part knowing I had the drive back to London ahead of me and I needed the sleep, but also because I could tell from the weather forecast there wouldn't be much to see. So instead I got a reasonable night's sleep, had a cooked breakfast at my lodgings, then went out for a bracing stroll on Knap Hill and stopped for a coffee in Marlborough before the long boring drive back to London.
Moonlight on the Heath
Wednesday 23rd June 2021
Went for a late evening stroll to the heath, and enjoyed looking at the moon for a bit.
Thursday 24th June 2021
Late afternoon walk to the heath.
Marble Run
Friday 25th June 2021
We got out Erika's Marble Run set for the first time in a while, and played with that this evening.
Rollright Stones
Saturday 26th June 2021
I went for a walk today to see the Rollright Stones in the Cotswolds.
Lunch at Christian's
Sunday 27th June 2021
Went to Christian's place for lunch today, then later on I headed for a rainy pint outside the Pineapple.
Quick Walk to the Heath
Tuesday 29th June 2021
Just one photo from a quick walk to the heath and back before dinner.
Out of Sorts
Wednesday 30th June 2021
Felt a bit out of sorts today - and so finished work early and went and immersed myself in nature as best I could, on the heath.