London June 2022
June 2022
Pictures from London in June 2022 including a trip to Avebury for the summer solstice.
John's Pictures

Lunch at Pineapple and Camping Food in the Garden
Wednesday 1st June 2022
I was off work all week this week, but didn't really have much planned today. Went for lunch at the Pineapple with the girls. Then in the evening the girls were out for dinner and I oddly decided to have a camping meal out in the back garden.
Jubilee Thursday
Thursday 2nd June 2022
First day of the long weekend of jubilee celebrations. For lunch today we went down to Hyde Park to meet some Japanese friends and watch some of the flyover.
Jubilee Friday
Friday 3rd June 2022
Met up with Andrew for a stroll around London to take in the jubilee atmosphere - starting at London Bridge and ending in Piccadilly.
Jubilee Saturday
Saturday 4th June 2022
The girls had plans today, and I was feeling a bit lazy, so just stayed in, and watched some of the Epsom Derby on the telly.
Marble Run and Grand Cru GevCham
Sunday 5th June 2022
Another fairly quiet day following the immersion in all the flag waving etc of the first two days of the long jubilee weekend. Constructed a Marble Run with Erika. Popped out for a bit later on in the afternoon to meet Christian for a glass of Gevrey Chambertin.
Tuesday 7th June 2022
Quick visit to the heath before picking Erika up from her woodworking class.
VosRom and Wotsits
Wednesday 8th June 2022
Revisited the first Vosne Romanee I'd tried, paired with some Wotsits.
Thursday 9th June 2022
Down to Belgravia to visit the dentist, and ended up turning it into a half day off work. Later on a trip to the heath.
Friday 10th June 2022
Took another half day off today, to go and supervise on Erika's school trip - to the heath to do some orienteering.
Saturday 11th June 2022
Bit of a non-descript day. Spent some time out in the garden it seems.
Korean Town and Jim's Birthday
Sunday 12th June 2022
Erika and I went down to Surbiton this afternoon for Jim's birthday. On the way there we stopped off in New Malden - London's Korean Town - for some Korean food for lunch followed by a Korean cafe.
Wine in Granary Square
Tuesday 14th June 2022
After some protestation (I really didn't want to spend an evening around King's Cross) I went down to join the usual suspects for some al fresco wine in Granary Square, as a send off for Natalie who was heading back to Switzerland.
Wednesday 15th June 2022
An update to the ongoing saga of Erika's eyesight today. We took her to see an optometrist after school, and after a very long and thorough examination he concluded Erika shouldn't be wearing glasses. On the way home we stopped off at a local Italian restaurant for dinner.
Film Crew
Thursday 16th June 2022
Sat on the heath for a bit in the early evening, and a film crew showed up. Assumed they were here to interview me about my stylish attire and impeccable taste in wine, but no it turns out they were doing a piece for the news on the hot weather.
Glorious Drizzle
Saturday 18th June 2022
Chie and Erika were out in the evening, and I had a wonderful time out on the heath in the drizzle, with hardly anyone else around.
Sunday 19th June 2022
Mostly stayed in today, but Erika and I went for a short walk to the heath towards the end of the afternoon to help wear in her new walking boots.
Avebury Summer Solstice
Monday 20th - Tuesday 21st June 2022
To Avebury for the summer solstice - got there well in time for the sunset on the eve of the solstice, and remainder in the vicinity until sunrise on the solstice itself.
The Long Bus Ride Home
Tuesday 21st June 2022
Given the rail strikes planned for today, I attempted to get all the way from Avebury to London by bus. I managed it, but perhaps the diversion via Oxford wasn't entirely optimal, and in the end it took about 5 hours.
Friday 24th June 2022
I found work rather stressful today. Partly as a result of a new performance management system we've just adopted, but also partly a post Avebury "return to normality" slump. So, it being a Friday, I decided to call it quits around 4 and head to the heath for a bit.
Saturday 25th June 2022
Burgundy stocks were starting to get a bit low, so I decided for a change to head over to Hampstead, visit a wine shop there to see what I could find, then head onto the heath from that direction.
Japanese Market
Sunday 26th June 2022
Went to a small Japanese market type thing in Hackney in the morning. Spent some of the afternoon back at home surveying the state of the garden.
Tuesday 28th June 2022
Quick can of Hells on the heath before going to pick Erika up from her woodworking class.
Wednesday 29th June 2022
Some Davenport Pinot Noir and Happy Turns in the garden.
Mexican and Late Visit to Heath
Thursday 30th June 2022
Erika was off on a school camping trip this evening. Chie and I went out for dinner to an old haunt (Cafe Pacifico, London's oldest Mexican restaurant) then later on I went for a later than usual evening visit to the heath.