London March 2015
March 2015
Pictures from London in March 2015.
John's Pictures

Sunday 1st March 2015
Went to look at a Persian rug briefly in the morning before going down to Clapham for the afternoon to visit a friend of Chie's from work.
Monday 2nd March 2015
Just one random picture of Erika in the flat.
Persian Rug and Drinks in K-Town
Wednesday 4th March 2015
Bought a Persian rug whilst looking after Erika this morning. In the evening some friends from work came over for drinks in K-Town.
Holloway Road
Thursday 5th March 2015
Get the tube to Holloway Road after work to go to the Waitrose there, and did quite a large shop.
Dartmouth Park
Saturday 7th March 2015
Did some gardening with Erika in the morning, then went for a picnic in Dartmouth Park.
Sunday 8th March 2015
Lunch at the Junction Tavern, and tidying up back at the flat.
Poorly Erika
Monday 9th March 2015
Stayed home to look after Erika in the morning as she was a bit poorly.
Tufnell Park
Tuesday 10th March 2015
Erika still not very well, so off nursery again today, but perked up enough in the afternoon to go to the playground in Tufnell Park for a bit.
Doorbell and Hamley's
Wednesday 11th March 2015
New doorbell arrive this morning. Erika seemed a bit brighter today, so we went to Hamley's in the morning to get her a half birthday present (a day late) then she went to nursery in the afternoon for the first time this week.
Thursday 12th March 2015
Just one picture of a bag of Frazzles I picked up at work.
Friday 13th March 2015
Erika still not completely better, so took her to the doctor in the morning. Also bought her some new dungarees.
Gardening and Furniture Shopping
Saturday 14th March 2015
Out in the garden for a bit in the morning, then into the centre in the afternoon to do sofa shopping, and look at dining tables.
My Birthday
Sunday 15th March 2015
A very quiet birthday celebration this year - just the three of us - went for pizza at Rossopomodoro in Camden.
Steam Cleaner
Monday 16th March 2015
Bought a steam cleaner to clean the Persian rug, and finally brought it back from my office where it I'd been storing it since I bought it.
Me and Erika
Tuesday 17th March 2015
Chie went out with a friend from work, so it was just me and Erika at home this evening. Also I bought her a proper duvet for her cotbed in the daytime.
Wednesday 18th March 2015
Erika went for an EEG this morning, which being roughly in the same part of town as my office, meant she came to see me both for breakfast and lunch.
Thursday 19th March 2015
Went and bought a bottle of Cocchi vermouth after work and tried it in a Negroni, accompanied rather classily by some Wotsits.
Champagne at Work
Friday 20th March 2015
A propos nothing had some (read: too much) Champagne at work, with some of the usual suspects.
Saturday 21st March 2015
Erika's friend Sophie came to play in the afternoon.
Sunday 22nd March 2015
Had some of the afternoon to myself - went for Sunday lunch, then back home to catch up on some domestic chores.
Monday 23rd March 2015
Made tapas at home for me and Erika whilst Chie was out for the evening.
Wednesday 25th March 2015
This week on my weekly morning off with Erika we went to the zoo.
Thursday 26th March 2015
Had haggis, neeps and tatties for dinner.
Tidying Up
Saturday 28th March 2015
Spent the morning tidying up, then went out for lunch at Comptoir Libanais and did a bit of furniture shopping.
Sunday Lunch at the Wrestlers and the Zoo Again
Sunday 29th March 2015
Went for Sunday lunch at the Wrestlers in Highgate followed by another trip to the zoo.
Monday 30th March 2015
A couple of random pictures from Monday evening at home.
Tuesday 31st March 2015
Dinner at our old haunt Oliveto.