London March 2016
March 2016
Pictures from London in March 2016.
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Dad's Book
Tuesday 1st March 2016
I'd found a copy of the book Dad wrote/edited online - Real Ale, Leicestershire and Rutland, 1977, and it arrived today.
Little Ben
Thursday 3rd March 2016
Popped out to exchange some currency near the office this morning and noticed Little Ben had just been re-instated!
Off to Japan
Friday 4th March 2016
Just one picture of breakfast at the airport before we flew off to Japan.
Noble Rot
Tuesday 22nd March 2016
Went with some colleagues to try Noble Rot, the new (ish) wine bar in London which everyone seems to be talking about at the moment. Had a couple of Gevrey Chambertins.
Wednesday 23rd March 2016
Found myself craving a curry, so after leaving the office and doing a bit of shopping in preparation for my upcoming walk on Dartmoor, i went to Woodlands for a thali.
Barbour Waterproof
Thursday 24th March 2016
Picture of the Barbour waterproof coat I bought yesterday for my walk on Dartmoor.
Friday 25th March 2016
Saturday 26th March 2016
The weather forecast had been pretty dire today (and it proved fairly accurate) so we had abandoned any plans for further walking on Dartmoor. Instead we had a potter around Dawlish for a short while around lunchtime, but other than that mostly stayed indoors.
Back to London
Sunday 27th March 2016
I got the train back to London this morning.
The Girls Are Back in Town
Wednesday 30th March 2016
Chie and Erika came back to London today which made me very pleased.