World Book Day Film Night
Thursday 7th March 2019
Erika had a film night at school this evening (slightly confusingly to mark World Book Day), which amazingly parents were not required to attend. So Chie and I went for dinner at our local vegetarian restaurant while Erika was watching the film with her friends.
London March 2019
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Erika and her friend who popped round to ours first, before we took the two of them to the film night. They had both decided to go in their "onesies".

Chie and I had dinner at Ceremony, the new(ish) vegetarian restaurant / cocktail bar round the corner from us. I think I enjoyed the food here this evening more than the first itme I tried it, partly because being there with Chie meant we could order a lot more dishes. I particularly liked these polenta chips.

The rhubarb aviation was good too.