Shanghai Modern and Birthday Cake
Sunday 10th March 2019
I went for lunch to Shanghai Modern, a new Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. As it was Erika's half birthday later on we defrosted some of the leftover cake from her birthday party and had it for dessert.
London March 2019
John's Pictures

This cold spicy cucumber dish was surprisingly good. A bit reminiscent of kimchi.

Not even quite sure what this was from the description in the menu (bran?) but it was apparently vegetarian and was quite nice.

Kai lan good as always.

The first set of dumplings they brought for me, which turned out to be the wrong ones.

The actual dumplings I had ordered.

The menu for future reference.

Erika with a piece of her birthday cake.

I've been writing extra chapters of The Faraway Tree, and introduced these two new characters, who I thought it might be fun to try drawing.