Boiler, Pineapple, Afternoon Tea with Mum
Sunday 24th March 2019
The boiler broke down this morning - first time we've had any trouble with it since we moved in four years ago. Attempted to fix it but couldn't manage to, so in frustration gave up and went to the Pineapple. Later on in the afternoon briefly met Mum for afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason in St Pancras as she was passing through on her way back from Guildford.
London March 2019
John's Pictures

I took some pictures of the underside of the boiler to try and figure out where the inlet valve for water was.

Bought this angled ratchet screwdriver hoping I might be able to loosen the inlet valve with it. It didn't work.

I rather like this picture Erika took of me in the Pineapple, wherein the extreme frustration of not being able to fix the boiler quickly subsided.

Spongebob, the Pineapple's pub cat.

Erika in the Pineapple.

With Mum in Fortnum and Mason in St Pancras for afternoon tea.



Nice picture of Mum and Erika in St Pancras.