Royal Automobile Club
Tuesday 22nd March 2022
Finally realised a long held ambition of mine to visit a St. James's club (if we set aside that one I was a member of for a couple of years, which never quite felt like the real thing). Thanks to Christian for taking me along as a guest. A very civilised and refined evening.
London March 2022
John's Pictures

This was probably the only nod to the fact it was the Royal *Automobile* Club - they presumably have different cars on display in the foyer here. Not quite clear how they get them in, as none of the entrances seem quite big enough, and there's lots of steps involved.

Christian on the steps leading up to the first floor, looking like he's always been here.

Rather a nice Chambertin Grand Cru with dinner - a 2008 from Pierre Damoy.


Christian in the dining room. Not sure it was really the done thing to take photos here, but I did it discreetly while nobody was looking.

Outside the RAC waiting for a taxi.