London March 2023
March 2023
Pictures from London in March 2023.
John's Pictures

Start of March
Wednesday 1st March 2023
Signs of spring on the heath.
Thursday 2nd March 2023
Erika's school was closed today due to strike action, so we went for a late leisurely breakfast at a local cafe. Later in the morning a shipment of ESW arrived.
Friday 3rd March 2023
Back to the heath to mark the end of the working week with some English Sparkling.
Sunday 5th March 2023
Lego in the morning, then lunch at Vegan Planet followed by bubble tea.
Boiler on the blink
Monday 6th March 2023
The boiler went on the blink, which explained today's odd photos.
Goodbye Christian
Tuesday 7th March 2023
Waved off Christian this evening, who was imminently moving to New York.
Wednesday 8th March 2023
A light dusting of snow, suprisingly.
New Boiler
Thursday 9th March 2023
Had a new boiler installed today.
Friday 10th March 2023
Once again marking the end of the working week with some English sparkling on the heath.
Sunday 12th March 2023
Rather unusually there was a frog in the back of the garden this morning. Also later on a quick stroll to the heath with Erika and a friend.
Tuesday 14th March 2023
The usual quick Tuesday evening walk to the heath while Erika was at her woodwork class.
Friday 17th March 2023
End of the week ESW on Hampstead Heath.
Pizza, Heath, Birthday Cake
Saturday 18th March 2023
We went for pizza for lunch, and I asked if they'd put some vegan pepperoni on my pizza (you can never find this on the menu in any pizza restaurant I've been to) and happily they obliged. Later on a trip to the heath, then after dinner a belated birthday cake.
Sausages and Mash on Martinsell Hill
Sunday 19th March 2023
I went out for an afternoon stroll in Wiltshire, taking in Martinsell Hill and going to see the end of Wansdyke. While on Martinsell Hill I cooked sausages and mash for lunch, in a gorse bush.
Tuesday 21st March 2023
Chie was out for the evening so after picking Erika up from her woodworking class we decided to try out the new Japanese/Nepalese sushi place near us for dinner.
Wednesday 22nd March 2023
Some ESW out in the garden in the evening.
Jeremy's Studio
Thursday 23rd March 2023
Went to Jeremy's studio in the evening to pick up some unfinished paintings he decided to give to us.
Four Seasons in One Day
Friday 24th March 2023
Sunshine, then hail, then rain.
Saturday 25th March 2023
Went to Belgravia to take Erika to a dentist appointment. While in the area had lunch at Oliveto and gelato at Olivogelo.
Epping Forest
Sunday 26th March 2023
Spent the afternoon in Epping Forest, and cooked a (very) late lunch there under a tarp.
Tuesday 28th March 2023
After picking Erika up from her woodwork class in the evening we headed down to Camden for a change, and tried out the Wendy's there for dinner. It was not very good.
Thursday 30th March 2023
Yet another early evening visit to the heath.
Girls off to Japan
Friday 31st March 2023
Waved the girls off this morning, they'd be heading to Japan for the school Easter holidays. Work as usual for me for the daytime, then headed to the heath in the early evening for some wine in the rain.