London May 2016
May 2016
Pictures from London in May 2016, including a trip down to the New Forest for a stay at Chewton Glen for Chie's Birthday.
John's Pictures

Victoria and Albert
Sunday 1st May 2016
Took Erika to the Victoria and Albert museum for a while in the afternoon, where they were doing some Japanese activities for Children. In the evening I popped down to Wimbledon to see Al and Charlotte.
Golders Green
Monday 2nd May 2016
Went over to Golders Green for a picnic in th park with one of Erika's friends.
Day Before Chie's Birthday
Tuesday 3rd May 2016
I did some shopping for Chie's birthday in the afternoon, then we did a bit of painting in the evening.
Chie's Birthday
Wednesday 4th May 2016
Chie wanted to go back to our old favourite haunt the Regency Cafe for lunch on her birthday. In the evening Chie made a cake, and our neighbour's kids popped in to help to eat it.
Friday 6th May 2016
Erika came to my office for a bit after work while Chie was at the dentist.
Chewton Glen
Saturday 7th May 2016
As a treat for Chie's birthday I'd booked us a stay at Chewton Glen, a sort of country house hotel and spa between the New Forest and the coast.
Back to London and Hannah's Birthday
Sunday 8th May 2016
Breakfast at Chewton Glen, then got the train from New Milton back to London. Spent the remainder of the afternoon at a garden party for Hannah's birthday.
Tuesday 10th May 2016
A few assorted pictures of Erika, the garden, and my collection of ties.
Exercise Bike
Thursday 12th May 2016
New exercise bike.
Spotted From My Club
Friday 13th May 2016
Popped to St. James's for spot of shopping at lunchtime, and went to my club for a quick lunch. Whilst sitting out on the balcony overlooking Green Park who should I see in the park below? Chie, Erika and friends!
Lunch At The Pineapple, etc
Saturday 14th May 2016
Didn't stray too far from home today. Inspected the garden in the morning, then on receiving a delivery of two more ties I tried on my morning suit and top hat with them to see if they worked together. Lunch at the Pineapple with Chie and Erika, followed by a visit to the garden centre where we bought some new plants, including another grape vine and a raspberry plant.
The Zoo and A New Rug
Sunday 15th May 2016
Took Erika to the zoo in the morning. Afterwards went into the centre of London for coffee at Kaffeine, and then bought a new rug for Erika's bedroom at John Lewis.
Royal Ascot Badges
Wednesday 18th May 2016
Our Royal Ascot badges arrived today.
Chie's Hat, Tie Tack, Frank's
Thursday 19th May 2016
Went to St. James's at lunchtime to help Chie buy a hat for Royal Ascot. Whilst we were there had lunch at Cicchetti and I bought a tie tack. In the evening went with some of the usual suspects to the 2016 opening night of Frank's in Peckham.
Red Brick
Friday 20th May 2016
Tried Square Mile's Red Brick espresso in our coffee machine at home. Wasn't very impressed.
Kentish Town Festival
Saturday 21st May 2016
Took Erika to Kentish Town Festival for the afternoon.
Club and Negronis
Sunday 22nd May 2016
I was given some time to myself in the afternoon, so I popped to my club for a bit, then bought a couple of new bottles at Fortnum and Mason to make Negronis with.
Orangey Venetian Negroni
Monday 23rd May 2016
Made a Negroni with Aperitivo Select and Williams Chase Seville orange gin.
Tuesday 24th May 2016
Popped to Hornets in Kensington at lunchtime, hoping to find something to wear for Henley Regatta and/or the Chap Olympiad.
St. John
Wednesday 25th May 2016
Dinner at St. John with a few people from work.
Thursday 26th May 2016
Picture of the abundance of sage in our garden.
Ippudo and Iris
Saturday 28th May 2016
Did a bit of shopping by myself in the morning (not very fruitful), then met the girls for lunch - ramen at Ippudo. Spent the remainder of the afternoon visiting Iris in Pimlico.
Jim's Party
Sunday 29th May 2016
Went down to Suburbitron for Jim's Birthday party.
Bank Holiday Monday
Monday 30th May 2016
Lunch at Mildreds in Camden, and made sage and onion stuffing from scratch in the evening.