London May 2019
May 2019
Pictures from London in May 2019.
John's Pictures

Wednesday 1st May 2019
Erika had a friend round after school, and they had Chie's home made takoyaki (without any tako!).
Oliveto and Chapel Down Bar
Thursday 2nd May 2019
Went to the dentist today, which meant lunch at Oliveto afterwards, after which I popped to BBR to pick up some GevCham I'd ordered a few months ago. After work a quick drink at the Chapel Down bar in King's Cross.
Day Before Chie's Birthday
Friday 3rd May 2019
Went for lunch at Alto by San Carlo on the roof of Selfridge's as a sort of pre birthday lunch for Chie. In the early evening I took Erika down to King's Cross to choose a present for Chie.
Chie's Birthday
Saturday 4th May 2019
Went to Hakkasan for Chie's birthday lunch.
Lewes to Glynde
Sunday 5th May 2019
Popped down to Lewes for a short walk from there to Glynde.
Bank Holiday Monday
Monday 6th May 2019
Chie was out with friends for the afternoon / evening for an additonal birthday celebration so Erika and I had a late lunch in the Pineapple, then one of her friends came over to play.
Vineyards of the United Kingdom Map
Wednesday 8th May 2019
Took another picture of this to upload to Twitter having seen someone else had a similar one.
Coral Room and The Ritz
Friday 10th May 2019
Visited the Coral Room at the Bloomsbury Hotel followed by the Rivoli Bar at the Ritz for "research" for my blog on English sparkling wine.
Mario's Cafe and Erika's Sleepover
Saturday 11th May 2019
Went for breakfast at Mario's Cafe. In the evening Erika went for her first sleepover at a friend's house. So Chie and I had a bit of time to ourselves, I sat in the garden for a bit then we unsuccessfully tried to go for dinner at Babuji.
Lunch in the Garden and Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell
Sunday 12th May 2019
Lunch in the garden, then Erika went to a birthday party for the remainder of the afternoon. In the evening I went to see Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell at the Coach and Horses.
Vinegrowing Course Day 6
Monday 13th May 2019
Penultimate day of my vinegrowing course.
Fruit Fly
Tuesday 14th May 2019
Having become briefly fascinated by spotted wing drosophila after yesterday's vineyard course I attempted to take a photo of a fruit fly at the office today. Not very easy to do.
Andrew's Birthday
Wednesday 15th May 2019
Went to the pub after work for Andrew's birthday.
Thursday 16th May 2019
Yet more pictures of the garden, and we went for dinner at Wahaca with one of Erika's friends, followed by ice cream.
Friday 17th May 2019
Not much to report.
Saturday 18th May 2019
Let Erika stay up late to watch (most of) the Eurovision Song Contest.
Leon's Birthday
Sunday 19th May 2019
Went down to Canterbury for Leon's Birthday at the Pig at Bridge Place.
Kim Kong Kimchi
Tuesday 21st May 2019
My new favourite kimchi.
Wednesday 22nd May 2019
A couple of pictures of the roses in bloom. Also Erika's friend came round for a play date, and to my delight they spent quite a lot of it outside in the garden, and chose to eat out there too.
Thursday 23rd May 2019
Odds and sods.
Friday 24th May 2019
Accidentally washed my cufflinks. They seemed to survive the experience largely unscathed.
Jim's Birthday
Saturday 25th May 2019
I piloted a boat along the Thames from Kingston to Hampton Court Palace and back again for Jim's birthday.
Chinatown and St. James's
Sunday 26th May 2019
Lunch at Joy King Lau and a bit of shopping on Jermyn Street.
Monday 27th May 2019
Took Erika to Greenwich for the day to see a performance of Wind in the Willows in the park.
Tuesday 28th May 2019
Chie and Erika went off to Wales to stay with friends for a few nights as it was half term, so I had the evening to myself in London. I headed to Mayfair to try the Mayfair Chippy, then headed home for some ESW in the garden.
Three Choirs
Wednesday 29th May 2019
Another evening in the garden, albeit it was raining this time! Tried the English sparkling wine from Three Choirs.