London May 2020
May 2020
Pictures from London in May 2020.
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English Oak and Jelly Beans
Friday 1st May 2020
Another English Wine Night online tasting event this evening. This week the focus was on the Wessex region, so I chose a sparkling wine from Dorset: English Oak. Also some Jelly Belly jelly beans arrived from Mum, so we had a fun time tasting those too.
More Jungle Exploration
Saturday 2nd May 2020
Erika and I went to explore the jungle of Hampstead Heath again in the afternoon. In the evening I had a play with my camping stove in the back garden.
Primrose Hill
Sunday 3rd May 2020
I went for a walk to Primrose Hill this morning. It wasn't very good.
Chie's Birthday
Monday 4th May 2020
Erika and I made a cake for Chie's birthday.
Pineapple Shrine Again
Tuesday 5th May 2020
Constructed another shrine to my local, the Pineapple, in the back garden again this evening, and opened another keg of Harvey's.
More Beer Garden
Wednesday 6th May 2020
More time out in the beer garden this evening with the Harvey's keg.
Thursday 7th May 2020
Chie and Erika set up the tent in the garden today.
Bank Holiday
Friday 8th May 2020
May bank holiday (moved this year to Friday for VE day). Took Erika to Hampstead Heath for a walk in the afternoon, and made (Indian) curry for dinner.
Saturday 9th May 2020
Quite a mixed bag, and most of it outdoors - a bit of gardening, I revisited the Monnow Valley 2004 Brut, pizza in the garden for dinner, then a late post dinner stroll to a nearby park where we saw squirrel and a nonchalant fox.
Sunday 10th May 2020
Video chat with Vera, Robin and Louise in the morning. Lego in the afternoon. In the evening I opened the first bottle from my case of Domaine Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin 2015.
Morning Walk
Monday 11th May 2020
I woke up relatively early for a change so went for a morning walk to Hampstead Heath before starting work for the day.
Feather sticks
Tuesday 12th May 2020
Practiced bushcraft firelighting in the garden this evening - made "feather sticks" as a firelighting aid, and managed to start a little fire using just that and my tiny little ferro rod.
Hori Hori
Wednesday 13th May 2020
Received a hori hori in the post today - a Japanese gardening tool - so christened it in the obvious fashion.
Thursday 14th May 2020
Another evening with as much as possible of it spent out in the garden, escaping the confines of the interior as best I can.
Andrew's Birthday
Friday 15th May 2020
Erika and I decorated the garden with ribbons. Had a virtual birthday party for Andrew.
Roll Out the Barrow
Saturday 16th May 2020
Ordered fish and chips for lunch (had attempted to yesterday evening but the place we wanted to order from wasn't available, so had to wait until today). In the afternoon I took Erika for a walk to Hampstead Heath, having discovered there was a Bronze Age barrow there, and I wanted to have a closer look.
Urban Walk
Sunday 17th May 2020
I went for a long urban walk this morning by myself, now that time spent outdoors exercising is unrestricted (ridiculous that it ever was). Was roughly aiming for Highgate Wood, but actually just went to neighbouring Queen's Wood instead. On the way back discovered the Southampton Arms had reopened for takeaway, which made my day.
Wednesday 20th May 2020
Various deliveries in the daytime. More time sat outside in the garden in the evening.
Escape from London
Friday 22nd May 2020
I had the day off from work and decided we all really needed some escape from our urban confines. So I hired a car and we got out of London to see some proper countryside - the closest example of which I could think of being Ivinghoe Beacon.
Saturday 23rd May 2020
Went out to fly a kite on Hampstead Heath in the afternoon.
Sunday 24th May 2020
Spent the day at home and out in the garden.
Bank Holiday
Monday 25th May 2020
Spent the day doing various activities with Erika, from painting to playing Bananagrams out in the garden, while Chie had a rest.
Dinner in the garden
Wednesday 27th May 2020
Made a pasta bake for dinner, which we ate out in the garden.
Friday 29th May 2020
Took Erika to the park for a bit after finishing work for the day. Pizza for dinner. Then spent the remainder of the evening playing with my new camping stove / billy can.
Stove / Billy can / Cider / Park
Saturday 30th May 2020
More time messing around with the stove and billy can. Went off to buy some takeaway cider in the afternoon. Took Erika to the park again later on.
Lincoln's Inn Fields
Sunday 31st May 2020
Walked down to Lincoln's Inn Fields in Holborn to meet Andrew for a socially distanced picnic of Black Dog Hill and pizza. First time to meet a friend since the middle of March.