Me Time
Thursday 5th May 2022
I felt a bit worn out today, from having worked hard the past few days, while also trying to fit in time to deal with the aftermath of the plumbing emergency, and decided I needed to have a bit of me time. So off to the heath in the late afternoon / early evening with a bottle of Vosne Romanee and a packet of Monster Munch. You won't read that sentence anywhere else.
London May 2022
John's Pictures

On arrival on the heath.

The bandstand etc.

Top of Parliament Hill. It was a bit busy here today, so I headed over to the barrow.

An orange ladybird on a bluebell. I don't actually recall ever seeing one of these before.

Today's wine, a Vosne Romanee, which was a bit odd actually - in addition to at least some cherry on the nose, as you'd expect, there was a strange sort of tropical fruit vibe. Like Um Bongo.

The bottle and the trees atop the barrow.

Given the Um Bongo notes in the wine this food pairing wasn't as incongruous as it first looks.