Lunch at the Pineapple
Saturday 7th May 2022
Unusually I managed to persuade the girls to go for lunch at the Pineapple after Erika's Japanese school (usually they've snacked on the way home and aren't hungry any more). After that Erika had a playdate for the remainder of the afternoon, and I went off to the heath for a bit.
London May 2022
John's Pictures

Lunch at the Pineapple. The food was particularly nice today, although if anything a bit too warm in the conservatory at the back!

It was busy at the top of Parliament Hill and around the barrow this afternoon, so I went and sat in the woods instead.

More in focus photo of the bottle - Domaine Lecheneaut's Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru "Les Pruliers" 2014. Quite condensed berry fuit on the nose, and a fairly significant waft of tobacco - almost a sort of Port and cigars vibe to it.

A random photo near the barrow as I was starting to head back towards home.

I somehow thought this composition of that padlocked gateway to the barrow looked appealing at the time.

The little bridge (if you can call it that) I walk over at the edge of the wooded bit near the barrow.