Palestinian Picnic and Eurovision
Saturday 14th May 2022
Spent much of the daytime down in the centre of London - visited Walker Slater to drop off some trousers to be altered, and went for a long stroll from Covent Garden to St. James's then up through Mayfair and Marylebone, ending with some Palestinian food for a late lunch picnic in Regents Park. In the evening Erika and I watched the Eurovision Song Contest.
London May 2022
John's Pictures

I seem to have taken this same photo again this morning.

Jermyn Street.

I had forgotten about this - The Chap Magazine's Flaneur Walk. I hung around for a few minutes but felt too underdressed to join in, so headed off on my own not-very-flaneurish-walk.

In Regents Park - took quite a long time to find a shady spot, but I eventually settled on this little patch of grass, with some flowers nearby, which was quite nice.

Good old Nyetimber.

My lunch - a few mezze from a Palestinian cafe near Baker Street station, and some Nyetimber.

I had bought this pocket square earlier in an attempt to fit in with the Chap crowd, but without some kind of neckwear I deemed it insufficient.

Picked this up in Hedonism Wines. Didn't open it today.

Watching Eurovision with Erika.