Jeremy on the Heath
Thursday 26th May 2022
Met my artist friend Jeremy for a late stroll on the heath, to discuss the progress of the family portrait he's doing for us, and to generally chew the cud.
London May 2022
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Jeremy texted to say he was going to be late, and not wanting to open the wine until he arrived I went and bought one of these from a shop near the heath to kill time... but as it turned out the act of buying it successfully killed the required amount of time and I didn't end up opening it.

Jeremy chose this particularly dingy bench (covered in bird poo) to sit on initially. Tonight's wine - a Gachot Monot Nuits St Georges.

I rather liked this scene of Jeremy wandering through the grass, alongside this host of buttercups, glass in hand, onto the next bench where we decided to sit a while.