London November 2013
November 2013
Pictures from London in November 2013.
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Double Trouble
Saturday 2nd November 2013
We looked after Nina for the afternoon today, who is about the same age as Erika.
Sunday 3rd November 2013
Had ramen for lunch at Shoryu in Soho.
Fior di Sale Marino di Trapani
Monday 4th November 2013
Some excellent chocolate we bought in Gelupo in Soho yesterday.
Shoes and Hat
Tuesday 5th November 2013
In the morning Erika tried on my shoes, and in the evening my hat.
Old Malt Cask Port Ellen
Wednesday 6th November 2013
Re-acquainted myself with this old favourite this evening.
Naish's Cider
Thursday 7th November 2013
Went for a quick drink with Al at the Argyll Arms after work, followed by a surprise discovery at the Coach and Horses: they were serving Naish's Cider.
Friday 8th November 2013
Chie and Erika came to my office for lunch. Headed off to Brixton in the evening (with a brief glimpse of the Pullman carriages used in the Orient Express in Victoria station) to meet up with Mum for dinner at Okan and then a drink at Champagne + Fromage.
Splish Splosh
Saturday 9th November 2013
Erika went for a splash around in the puddles outside.
Sunday 10th November 2013
Went down to Guildford to see Adrian, Liz and the kids, while Mum was visiting for the weekend.
In the Play Pen
Monday 11th November 2013
Just one picture of Chie reading to Erika in her play pen.
Foodie Saturday
Saturday 16th November 2013
Spent most of the day either eating or buying food.
Sunday 17th November 2013
Went down to Clapham to see Gemma and family.
Wednesday 20th November 2013
Made a brief foray out in the evening to pick up a bottle of the new Kilchoman bottling from th whisky society.
Dim Sum and Hyde Park
Saturday 23rd November 2013
Dim sum at Pearl Liang for lunch, and a stroll through Hyde Park, including a bit of Winter Wonderland.
Sunday 24th November 2013
Went to see the Australia exhibit at the Royal Academy, followed by lunch at Tibits.
East London
Tuesday 26th November 2013
Goodbye drinks for Andrew, who was going away for a while, with a pub tour of East London.
Friday 29th November 2013
A couple of pictures of Erika finally starting to look a bit better after a week of being quite poorly.

Saturday 30th November 2013