London November 2014
November 2014
Pictures from London in November 2014.
John's Pictures

Sunday 16th November 2014
Took Erika to the playground for a bit in the afternoon.
Monday 17th November 2014
Back to work in London, a couple of random pictures of Erika in the evening.
New Flat
Tuesday 18th November 2014
First look round the new flat after having completed the purchase yesterday, still some of the previous owner's things hanging around!
Friday 21st November 2014
More random pictures of Erika.
Second Flat Visit
Saturday 22nd November 2014
Second time to see the flat after the sale completing on Monday of this week, and it had been deep cleaned in the interim.
Sunday 23rd November 2014
Went for Sunday lunch at the Star Tavern in Belgravia.
Choosing my new Local
Tuesday 25th November 2014
I went and sample some of the pubs in what would be our new neighbourhood to start the process of selecting my local.
Out with Erika
Thursday 27th November 2014
Me and Erika went out for dinner in the evening as Chie was out with friends. Took her to Tibits.
White Truffle
Friday 28th November 2014
Bought a white truffle for tonight's dinner with Robin and Robert.
Saturday with Robin and Robert
Saturday 29th November 2014
Spent the day around London with Robin and Robert, bought a new microwave at Peter Jones, took Robert for a look round the flat, then back to SW1 in the evening as the Robs were staying at the Goring.
New Flat Again
Sunday 30th November 2014
Back to the new flat again in the morning so Robin could have another look round, and Robert could take a look.