London November 2015
November 2015
Pictures from London in November 2015.
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Misty Sunday
Sunday 1st November 2015
Stroll across Hampstead Heath on a misty Sunday morning.
Tuesday 3rd November 2015
Popped to the Red Lion on Crown Passage briefl after work. Also got my new data logging thermometer/hygrometer today - to check the conditions in the cellar.
Gevrey Chambertin
Wednesday 4th November 2015
Received a case of my favourite Gevrey Chambertin today - Domaine Fourrier 2011.
Thursday 5th November 2015
Popped down to the Angel in Bermondsey after putting Erika to bed to see if I could see any fireworks.
Pierre Damoy 2010 Gevrey Chambertin
Friday 6th November 2015
Rustled up a quick dinner of the remainder of the tagliolini I'd brought back from Italy, with a simple sauce made using some of the dried Porcini I also bought while I was there. Served with the Pierre Damoy 2010 Gevrey Chambertin Mum had sent.
New Layout
Saturday 7th November 2015
Tidied the flat in the morning, and Chie decided to move the dining table from the corner of the lounge to the kitchen. Went for lunch at our local cheap and cheerful pasta place, then ice cream, then in the afternoon met up with Beatrice and her parents, a friend of Erika's from her previous nursery.
Huntingdon and Godmanchester
Sunday 8th November 2015
Recently I've been feeling a bit of a draw to the countryside, and have been toying with the idea of maybe buying a house in the country again. Given my office will be moving to Kings Cross next year, it seemed like a good time to start exploring places along the train line from there. So today we gave Huntingdon / Godmanchester a go.
The Blackfriar to Ye Old Mitre
Tuesday 10th November 2015
Took Andrew and Jim from work on a tour of some old favourites, from the Blackfriar, by way of Fleet Street (the Crown and Sugar Loaf, the Old Bell, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese) and finally finishing at Ye Old Mitre.
Lunch at the Cinnamon Club
Thursday 12th November 2015
Met up with Chie for lunch at the Cinnamon Club.
The Open
Friday 13th November 2015
On a whim, craving to be surrounded by tweed wearing types, I got the train to Cheltenham for the first day of The Open.
Grandma and Lunch at Great Queen Street
Saturday 14th November 2015
Grandma was in London for a meeting today, so we saw her in the morning and again in the early evening. In between we went for lunch at Great Queen Street with a former colleague and his family.
Hot Chocolate
Sunday 15th November 2015
Failed attempt to go to the zoo, saved by some hot chocolate.
Monday 16th November 2015
Just one odd picture of some graffiti.
The Bell at Aldworth
Thursday 19th November 2015
A bit of a pilgrimage in the evening to the Bell at Aldworth with Simon.
Erika's Friend
Saturday 21st November 2015
Erika's friend came to visit our place for a play date, had lunch together then ice cream later on.
Sunday 22nd November 2015
A successful attempt to go to the zoo after last Sunday's unsuccessful attempt.
Sunrise over Kentish Town
Monday 23rd November 2015
Went to work early enough today to just about catch a bit of the sunrise.
Erika's Letter to Santa
Thursday 26th November 2015
Erika wrote a letter to Santa.
Champagne and Oliveto
Friday 27th November 2015
Andrew had had a rather bad week at work, so this evening we comiserated with Champagne and dinner at Oliveto.
Hamleys Toy Parade and Lantern Festival
Saturday 28th November 2015
Took Erika to meet Peppa, Bing, Elmo and others at the Hamleys Toy Parade on Regent Street. Then in the evening went to Harringay Green Lanes for the lantern parade.
Christmas Tree
Sunday 29th November 2015
Lunch at Wahaca, after which we bought a Christmas tree.
St. Andrew's Day
Monday 30th November 2015
Haggis for dinner.