Boot and Flogger and Brawn
Friday 22nd November 2019
Had a night out with some of the usual suspects, starting at the Boot and Flogger near London Bridge, then later on went to hip East London for dinner at Brawn, where Keira Knightley was sitting at the next table to us.
London November 2019
John's Pictures

I got the Thameslink on the way there, and walked to the Boot and Flogger from Blackfriars. The usual failed attempt to take a picture through the glass from inside the station...

....followed by a not much better attempt from the side of the river.

...and I think this is the best of a bad lot!

Some Court Garden in the Boot and Flogger as an aperitif.

WE ARE OPEN. This was on the door of F. Cooke on Broadway Market which I'd heard was a pie and mash shop by day and occasional cocktail bar by night. They weren't open.

In Brawn, a rather hip restaurant on Columbia Road, where after much debate with the wine waiter we ended up with this very hip natural wine from the Loire. Alas no picture of Keira Knightley.