London November 2020
November 2020
Pictures from London in November 2020.
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Pumpkin Soup and Wine on the Heath
Sunday 1st November 2020
Made pumpkin soup for lunch, then later in the afternoon I went and sat on Hampstead Heath with some wine for a bit.
The Heath Again
Monday 2nd November 2020
Went for a late afternoon / early evening stroll to the heath roughly around sunset.
Breaky Bottom Delivery
Tuesday 3rd November 2020
Received a wine delivery from Breaky Bottom today. Nice handwritten note from Peter.
Wine on the Heath with Christian and Cardo
Wednesday 4th November 2020
Met up with Christian - who had just moved back to London - and Cardo, for some wine on the heath, for a change at the northern end of the heath, near Kenwood House.
Thursday 5th November 2020
Sad news today, Vera passed away, at the great age of 101. I went for a short walk in the mist in the morning, then in the evening Erika and I sat out in the garden looking at the stars and watching what we could see of the fireworks.
Takeaway Drinks
Friday 6th November 2020
Woke up this morning to a very pretty pattern of clouds in the sky. Went out for takeaway coffee as a small act of defiance to the current stupid lockdown. In the late afternoon / early evening went and picked up "preordered" cider from the Southampton Arms as a further small act of rebellion, and sat on the heath with it for a bit.
Shopping and Hampstead Heath with Erika
Saturday 7th November 2020
Went shopping in the morning and then in the afternoon after much effort to drag her out of the house we finally persauded Erika to go for a walk on Hampstead Heath.
Sunday 8th November 2020
Took our bedroom apart today, having noticed mould behind one of the cupboards, and spent the morning scrubbing it off the walls and re-arranging all the furniture. Later on some Breaky Bottom in the garden in the early evening, along with some butterscotch popcorn.
Monday 9th November 2020
Bought some pizza bases and Erika helped with the toppings this evening.
Dehumidifer and Sunset on the Heath
Tuesday 10th November 2020
A dehumidifer arrived today for the back bedroom, to try and get on top of the mould problem. Towards the end of the working day I attempted to get out to catch the sunset on the heath, but was a bit too late as always, and probably the best of it was on the way there.
Wednesday 11th November 2020
Erika's class was sent home from school today because one of her classmates has a positive PCR test, so she'd now have to stay at home until next Friday. I apparently had a glass of wine in the garden in the evening. Can't remember now what it was.
Sunrise on the Heath, Fish and Chips, Exercise in the Garden, Native Grace
Friday 13th November 2020
I got up early to try and catch a bit of the sunrise on the heath, but was probably a bit too late as always. As was homeschooling the three of us had fish and chips (or halloumi and chips in my case) for lunch. In the afternoon I did some "PE" with Erika in the garden, then later on I tried a new ESW - Henners Native Grace.
Grey, Albourne, Papier Mache Cat
Saturday 14th November 2020
Rather a grey walk to Hampstead Heath in the afternoon. Later on tried Albourne Estate's Pinot Noir, and did a bit more work on the papier mache cat.
GevCham Rainbow
Sunday 15th November 2020
Took a bottle of Gevrey Chambertin to the heath and was treated to a rainbow while I was there.
Davenport Diamond Fields 2019
Wednesday 18th November 2020
Took delivery of a case of the newly released vintage of Davenport's Diamond Fields Pinot Noir.
Friday 20th November 2020
Today marked the last day of Erika having to isolate (she was officially allowed to leave home as of 3:30pm) although she wasn't actually desperate to go outside - we just managed to coax her out to get an ice cream. I do worry amongst the many negative impacts of the crazy regulations this year if it's creating a generation of agoraphobics. Anyway, I seem to be developing the opposite issue and at the end of the working day today went for a short stroll to Hampstead Heath, and sat in the rain for a bit.
Saturday 21st November 2020
Took Erika out for a walk to one of the local parks in the afternoon in the hope of spontaneously bumping into one of her friends, now that she's allowed to leave home again.
Drinks on the Beach
Sunday 22nd November 2020
Went to the "beach" (i.e. the Thames foreshore) to have a drink with Andrew this afternoon.
ESW Tasting with Ben
Monday 23rd November 2020
Took the afternoon off work an did an English sparkling wine tasting on Hampstead Heath with Ben, a former colleague.
Pink Sky at Night
Tuesday 24th November 2020
Just a few pictures from the back garden of what I thought was a nice early evening sky.
Goodbye Vera
Wednesday 25th November 2020
A sad day today - we drove to South Wales to pay our final respects to Vera, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 101.
Trouble with Dreams 2015
Thursday 26th November 2020
Was struggling to get any work done today, so decided to call it a half day, and headed off to the heath a little after 3pm to try the newly released Trouble with Dreams 2015 vintage from Dermot Sugrue.
Wine on the Heath with Christian
Friday 27th November 2020
Took another afternoon off walk to meet Christian on the heath for a glass of wine and a chat.
Saturday 28th November 2020
I went for a very brief walk to Hampstead Heath in the afternoon, but it turned out I wasn't really in the mood, so pretty much turned around and went home again as soon as I got there. Later on Erika and I did some drawing together. Lebanese food for dinner, with some Chatea Musar white.
Adventure on the Heath
Sunday 29th November 2020
A lovely adenturous afternoon / early evening on the heath with Erika, we stayed out until it got dark.
Monday 30th November 2020
Erika and I made a Christmassy wreath from holly and ivy we'd gathered whilst out on the heath yesterday.