London October 2012
October 2012
London in October 2012, while Chie's Mum was visiting, to meet baby Erika.
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Monday 1st October 2012
Chie's Mum Arrives
Tuesday 2nd October 2012
Chie's Mum arrived from Japan today.
Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Thursday 4th October 2012
Japanese Curry, Hats, and Erika at TGIF
Friday 5th October 2012
Hats in the office, Erika came to visit for TGIF, and Japanese curry for dinner.
Saturday 6th October 2012
Pub lunch at the Antelope near Sloane Square, then Lebanese food for dinner in the evening.
Wandsworth Common and NCT Meetup
Sunday 7th October 2012
Went to meet Chie's friend Daniel near Wandsworth Common in the afternoon, then later on had a reunion with the people from our NCT antenatal class.
Team Lunch
Tuesday 9th October 2012
Tempted a few people from the office out for an impromptu team lunch at an Italian restaurant called Il Posto.
Erika's One Month Birthday
Wednesday 10th October 2012
Erika was one month old today!
Tibits and Hamleys
Thursday 11th October 2012
Met up with Chie, Yoko-san and Erika for lunch at Tibits, followed by Erika's first visit to Hamley's!
Back to the Row
Friday 12th October 2012
Picked up my suit after some minor adjustments this afternoon.
Erika meets Grandad
Saturday 13th October 2012
Grandad came to London to meet Erika for the first time.
Sunday 14th October 2012
Fairly quiet and unventful day, and I had a few hours to myself in the afternoon to take a stroll to St. James's.
Monday 15th October 2012
Tuesday 16th October 2012
Wedding Anniversary
Wednesday 17th October 2012
Mum came to visit Erika again in the afternoon, and me and Chie went to Wiltons in the evening to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Thursday 18th October 2012
I had the evening off from parenting duties and went for a few drinks with some of the chaps in Mayfair.
Friday 19th October 2012
Erika came to my office for lunch.
Erika in Westminster
Saturday 20th October 2012
Erika's first visit to the Regency Cafe, followed by a walk through the grounds og Westminster Abbey, and then a stroll through St. James's Park to Buckingham Palace.
Borough with Erika
Sunday 21st October 2012
Borough Market, the George Inn, the Tate Modern, the Tate to Tate boat, and the Tate Britain.
Goodbye Yoko-san
Monday 22nd October 2012
Went out for tapas this evening, as a goodbye dinner for Yoko-san who'd be flying back to Japan the next day.
Thursday 25th October 2012
Picked up pizza from Oliveto for dinner tonight.
Lunch with Kyle and Hannah
Saturday 27th October 2012
Took Erika to Dulwich to have lunch at Kyle and Hannah's place.
Sunday 28th October 2012
Went to Hampstead in the afternoon for a stroll across the heath with Erika.
Monday 29th October 2012
Spent the evening pushing Erika back and forward in her buggy in the kitchen.
Norie-san and Panachi
Wednesday 31st October 2012
Norie-san and Panachi came to visit Erika today.