Sunday 6th October 2013

John's Pictures

How to Tie a Bow Tie
Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Got a self tie bow tie in the post today, and spent most of the evening annoying myself by not being able to tie it.
Cocktails with Ben
Thursday 3rd October 2013
Ben was briefly passing through London, we went out for cocktails.
Mum in London
Saturday 5th October 2013
Mum visited London today, we went for Syrian food on Edgware Road for lunch.
Dim Sum
Sunday 6th October 2013
Dim sum for lunch today at Joy King Lau.
Monday 7th October 2013
Just one picture of Erika standing by the gate of her play pen.
Lunch with Walter and Veronica
Friday 11th October 2013
Introduced Erika to Walter and Veronica, over lunch at Oliveto.
Saturday 12th October 2013
Portuguese elevenses, a walk in the gardens in the late afternoon, and made pesto for dinner.
Sunday 13th October 2013
Sushi for dinner from the new Japan Centre.
Jeeves and Wooster
Tuesday 15th October 2013
Went down to Richmond with Al, Kyle, Charlotte and Hannah to see the new Jeeves and Wooster play.
Wednesday 16th October 2013
Just a few random pictures.
Black and White Erika
Thursday 17th October 2013
I thought I'd try taking a couple of black and white pictures of Erika for a change.
Kai's Birthday Party
Saturday 19th October 2013
Went down to Balham for Kai's birthday party.
Alec's Birthday Party
Sunday 20th October 2013
South of the river again for anohter birthday party.
Wednesday 23rd October 2013
Built a bridge with Erika in the morning. In the evening oddly ate dinner in the corridor.
Friday 25th October 2013
Erika came to visit me at my office after work, then curry for dinner.
Victoria and Albert
Saturday 26th October 2013
Went to the Victoria and Albert museum in the afternoon. Thai (purple!) curry for dinner in the evening.
Prospect of Whitby
Sunday 27th October 2013
I was given a bit of time off from parenting in the afternoon, so I went to the Prospect of Whitby.
Tuesday 29th October 2013
Sushu for lunch.