London October 2018
October 2018
Pictures from London in October 2018.
John's Pictures

Monday 1st October 2018
Did some science with Erika in the evening with another of the science kits she got for her birthday. Also moved my wine to the secondary fermentation vessel.
Tuesday 2nd October 2018
Another picture of my wine in its secondary fermentation vessel after the sediment had settled a bit.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018
Negroni and Crisps
Thursday 4th October 2018
Classic Negroni and crisps in the garden.
Boot and Flogger and Lewes
Friday 5th October 2018
Went to see a bit of Christian Marclay's The Clock at the Tate Modern with the usual suspects in the evening, followed by a brief visit to the Boot and Flogger before rushing off to the station to get the train down to Lewes.
Breaky Bottom Harvest
Saturday 6th October 2018
Helped out with the harvest at Breaky Bottom.
Dimsum and Regents Park
Sunday 7th October 2018
Dimsum at the usual place followed by a stroll through Regents Park to catch the last day of the outdoor sculpture exhibition.
Air Quality Monitor
Wednesday 10th October 2018
Recieved an air quality monitor for a project at Erika's school.
Thursday 11th October 2018
Erika had some henna done at an event at school this evening.
Box Hill
Saturday 13th October 2018
Took Erika to Box Hill to see her cousins.
Rainy Sunday
Sunday 14th October 2018
Tried Sainsbury's new "Shroomdogs" for breakfast. Surprisingly good. Met one of Erika's friends for lunch at the Pineapple, then afterwards ice cream and a playdate at our place.
Bear and Wolf and Swimming
Tuesday 16th October 2018
Took Erika to Bear and Wolf for breakfast before school today, and then after school took Erika to her swimming lesson (not very successful) followed by dinner with one of her friends at our place.
Chie Back From Japan
Thursday 18th October 2018
Chie got back from Japan today. I went to the office for a change, and went to Temple of Camden for lunch.
Ricardo's Birthday
Friday 19th October 2018
At the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities.
Devil's Dyke to Washington
Friday 26th October 2018
The next instalment of my walk along the South Downs Way - this time from the Devil's Dyke to Washington, from where I got the bus to Pulborough, allowing me to recreate what is now becoming a tradition of chips and English sparkling wine on the train on the way home.
Xi'an Cuisine
Saturday 27th October 2018
We didn't really know what we wanted to do with ourselves today, so in the absence of any other plan I decided we should go and try another Xi'an cuisine restaurant, this time Xi'an Impression just off the Holloway Road.
Sunday 28th October 2018
Another day which lacked planning. My original suggestion of heading out into the countryside for lunch at a country pub met with the compromise of a stroll across Hampstead Heath and lunch at one of the pubs around there. At Erika's insistence that then was further revised to lunch at the Assembly House in Kentish Town (not particularly close to Hampstead Heath), and ultimately the stroll across the heath was abandoned when Erika met up with a friend, and went to her place to carve pumpkins. I initially set out to the heath regardless, then was thwarted by a sudden downpour, and some amount of lethargy.
Wednesday 31st October 2018
Took Erika out trick or treating, then later on I headed over to Little Venice to see Ricardo.