Sneaky Pint, Yard Sale, Lebanese Food and Butterbeer
Saturday 17th October 2020
Packed quite a lot in today in retrospect. Went to our local Middle Eastern food shop in the morning to buy things for a Lebanese dinner this evening (it being our wedding anniversary) and timed it perfectly for a sneaky pint at the one table outside the Pineapple on the way back. Went to Erika's friend's school yard sale in the neighbourhood later on, and picked up a wedding anniversary present for Chie - a Lost in Translation DVD. Lebanese food for dinner including some 1997 (!) Chatea Musar. After dinner I had a go at making Butterbeer (from Harry Potter) for Erika.
London October 2020
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There's only one table out the front now so naturally it is a prized commodity!

My shopping.


Later on, attending a bit of the local yard sale.

17:29:46 which I picked up a wedding anniversary present for Chie - the DVD of Lost in Translation. Fittingly it was a Spanish version.

1997 Chateau Musar. Should have written down tasting notes at the time! As I recall though the spice had mellowed a bit, the fruit had turned into slightly more savoury notes but it certainly wasn't going flabby. Amazing to think I was only 20 when these grapes were being grown.

After dinner I had a go at making Butterbeer (as featured in Harry Potter) for Erika. Here are the ingredients.

Erika with the finished product. I think the taste was pretty good - the butterscotch really dominates - but need to work on the appearance a bit. It did get a frothy head from the ice cream but the whole thing was very pale white - I had hoped it would look slightly more beery like the one they served at the Warner Bros studios.