Another Haircut Accident and White Truffles
Friday 30th October 2020
Took another day off work to do something fun with Erika while she was still on half term, but once again struggled to find much in the way of available activities, so we just headed down to Belgravia for lunch at Oliveto - I was very keen to have their excellent tagliolini with white truffles now the season was upon us. Before we headed off I got the girls to have a go at cutting my hair, and it went a bit awry again.
London October 2020
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In the morning I asked the girls to have a go at cutting my hair - there was some dithering at the start and keen to just get on with it I grapped the trimmer myself and had a swipe at the back. Unfortunately the attachment which governs the length wasn't attached properly, so one streak ended up ridiculously short. Oh well!

Erika on the Thameslink down to Blackfriars. It may seem like a very odd way to get Belgravia from Kentish Town, but I was keen to avoid the tube - and the original plan was that we'd walk from Blackfriars to Belgravia.

As it happens though by the time we got to Blackfriars (after a false start) there wasn't enough time to walk for our 1pm booking, and Erika wasn't really keen on the idea in the first place, so instead we got a cab. Which still made for a nice tour through central London I suppose.

On arrival at Oliveto, I ordered a couple of starters to keep us going.

The (a sort of half bottle) recommended by our waiter to go with the white truffle tagliolini.

....and here it is. This was absolutely heavenly.

The three of us, still just about managing to comfortably sit outdoors. This was a delightful lunch.

Me looking very pleased with my tagliolini with white truffles.

Erika in Olivogelo afterwards.


I had brought this repurposed handkerchief to use as a face covering on the train and a pocket square in between, but it occurred to me it also made a reasonable cravat.

...oh dear, and without the portrait mode blurring you can see the haircut accident in the mirror.

After lunch, I tried again to get Erika to go for a walk, and at least managed to persuade her to go as far as Buckingham Palace. She has been studying about Queen Victoria at school this term so things like this statue of a young Victoria seemed very topical.


Me and Erika outside Buckingham Palace. We also went briefly into the gift shop, which was nice.


Back at Blackfriars station now - we took a taxi once again from Buckingham Palace to here.

Back at home, the garden in the early evening.

One of the lanterns.

Friday 30th October 2020