London October 2022
October 2022
Pictures from London in October 2022.
John's Pictures

Saturday 1st October 2022
Chie's university friend Hiromu was visiting London this week with her husband, so we met them this afternoon for a sort of afternoon tea picnic on Hampstead Heath.
Sunday 2nd October 2022
Quiet day at home. Did some pruning in the afternoon (the vines had taken over the garden a bit over the summer). In the evening a (vegetarian approximation of) a Sunday roast.
Stroll on the Heath
Wednesday 5th October 2022
Went for another extended stroll on the heath this evening, and made a YouTube video while I was at it. Nice sunset this evening.
Friday 7th October 2022
Decided to have a little fire in the back garden, testing out the Honey Stove I'd bought over the summer.
Erika's School Trip
Monday 10th October 2022
Erika headed off on a residential school trip this morning - four nights away from home!
Anima e Cuore
Tuesday 11th October 2022
Chie and I went out for dinner in the evening, to a restaurant called Anima e Cuore which we had been meaning to try for some time.
Hampshire Downs
Wednesday 12th October 2022
I took the day off work and went for a walk and a wild camp on the Hampshire Downs.
Early Morning Mist
Thursday 13th October 2022
Walked down off the Hampshire Downs after my wild camp the previous night, and headed to Bedwyn to get the train back to London.
Squirrel and Sabrage
Friday 14th October 2022
A few photos of a cheeky squirrel in the daytime. In the early evening sabraged some ESW.
Oven Toaster
Saturday 15th October 2022
Started using a Japanese style oven toaster today (we'd had it for a while but hadn't used it as it was technically for Chie's job), partly as we assumed it would be a bit cheaper to run than the main oven.
Sunday 16th October 2022
Popped down to Deptford for a bit in the afternoon to see Andew.
Pink Sky
Monday 17th October 2022
Nice bit of pink sky in the early evening.
Tuesday 18th October 2022
I actually went to my office today, for the first time since I think January 2020. Can't say I particularly enjoyed the experience.
New Phone and Benoit
Thursday 20th October 2022
Got a new phone today - having used the previous one for three years i thought it was ready for an upgrade. In the evening met up with Benoit who I used to work with over a decade ago, and now lives in Paris.
Friday 21st October 2022
Did some science experiments with Erika in the evening with a Japanese kit she has that recreates weather phenomena.
Holly Bush
Tuesday 25th October 2022
Went for a late evening drink at the Holly Bush while Corrie was over from the US.
Thursday Evening on the Heath
Thursday 27th October 2022
The girls were out for the evening so I had an extended stay on the heath.
Udon and a Negroni on the Heath
Saturday 29th October 2022
I went to meet Chie and Erika at the end of Erika's Japanese school and we went for lunch together at the udon place in Brent Cross. Later on I snuck out for a bit to make a Negroni on Hampstead Heath.
Sunday 30th October 2022
The day before Halloween. A lot of pumpkin carving.
Monday 31st October 2022
The annual bout of silliness which I'm really too old to take part in.