London September 2013
September 2013
Pictures from London in September as Erika turned one.
John's Pictures

Wednesday 4th September 2013
Andy was passing through London this evening en route from France to Japan.
Thursday 5th September 2013
Fire alarm at my office so I went out for coffee in the morning.
Erika's Birthday
Tuesday 10th September 2013
Went to re-visit where Erika was born (is that weird?) in the evening and had dinner at the Carluccio's opposite the hopsital.
Wednesday 11th September 2013
Breakfast at the Regency Cafe and okonomiyaki for dinner.
Thursday 12th September 2013
Took Erika's foot and hand prints.
Truffle, Porcini, Umbrella
Saturday 14th September 2013
Various shopping today - bought a truffle and some porcini from Borough Market, picked up my second shirt from Turnbull and Asser, and also bought a new umbrella from James Smith.
Sunday 15th September 2013
Went down to Canterbury to see Leon, Yukari and the kids.
Buckingham Palace
Wednesday 18th September 2013
Erika wasn't feeling so well today, so I took the day off to look after her, and in the afternoon when she was a bit better we did the tour of Buckingham Palace.
Mega Blocks
Thursday 19th September 2013
Played with Erika's Mega Blocks in the evening.
Pizza Pilgrims
Saturday 21st September 2013
Took Erika and Chie for lunch at Pizza Pilgrims.
Sunday 22nd September 2013
Nothing in particular!
Lorenzo Meets Erika
Monday 23rd September 2013
Lorenzo was in London for a short business trip, giving him the opportunity to meet Erika for the first time.
Monte Carlo Posters
Wednesday 25th September 2013
Got a couple of Monte Carlo posters to decorate the space by my desk at work.
Mega Blocks Tower
Friday 27th September 2013
Made a tower with Erika's Mega Blocks.
Box Hill
Saturday 28th September 2013
Chie took Erika to see some of her friends this afternoon, so I had a few hours off from parenting duties. I decided to pop down to Box Hill in Surrey.
Sunday 29th September 2013
Spent the afternoon in Kensington, with lunch at Whole Foods, a bit of vintage clothes shopping, and a wander round Hyde Park.
Star Chap
Monday 30th September 2013
A picture from The Chap of Tristan Langlois in a dinner suit.